Dr. TAN Zheng Tanya
BEng, MSc, PhD
Assistant Professor
Tel.: (852) 3400 3865
E-mail address : tanya.tan@polyu.edu.hk
  Tanya Z. Tan received her Ph.D. in Architecture from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her research interests focus on sustainable development and human well-being, outdoor thermal comfort and urban walkability, age-friendly cities, design and environmental perception. Tanya has been involved in teaching design studio, architectural science, computer-aided planning and design.
Main areas
Design Conversion and Adaption
Urban Planning Workshop
Research Method
Research and Scholarly Activities
Sustainable Urban Development
Urban Microclimate and Thermal Comfort
Design and Human Well-being
Urban Land-use Planning and Urban Simulation
Smart Buildings and Smart Grids
Architectural Design, Psychological and Health Parameters in above-ground and underground workspaces
Outdoor comfort and Urban Walkability
Deputy Admission Officer
Sustainable Urban Development
Urban Microclimate and Thermal Comfort
Design and Human Well-being
Professional Service
Professional Service
Scientific Committee, Passive and Low Energy Architecture Conference 2015
Scientific Committee, Smart Underground Space & Infrastructures International Conference 2019
Selected Recent Publication List
Publications in Refereed Journals
1. Tan, Z., Lau, K. K. L., & Ng, E. (2016). Urban tree design approaches for mitigating daytime urban heat island effects in a high-density urban environment. Energy and Buildings, 114, 265-274.
2. Tan, Z., Lau, K. K. L., & Ng, E. (2017). Planning strategies for roadside tree planting and outdoor comfort enhancement in subtropical high-density urban areas. Building and Environment, 120, 93-109.
3. Tan, Z., Roberts, A. C., Christopoulos, G. I., Kwok, K. W., Car, J., Li, X., & Soh, C. K. (2018). Working in underground spaces: Architectural parameters, perceptions and thermal comfort measurements. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, 71, 428-439.
4. Tan, Z., Chung, S. C., Roberts, A. C., & Lau, K. K. L. (2018). Design for climate resilience: influence of environmental conditions on thermal sensation in subtropical high-density cities. Architectural Science Review, 1-11.
5. Tan, Z., Lau, K. K. L., Roberts, A. C., Chao, S. T. Y., & Ng, E. (2019). Designing Urban Green Spaces for Older Adults in Asian Cities. International journal of environmental research and public health, 16(22), 4423.
6. Tan, Z., Roberts, A. C., Lee, E. H., Kwok, K. W., Car, J., Soh, C. K., & Christopoulos, G. (2020). Transitional areas affect perception of workspaces and employee well-being: A study of underground and above-ground workspaces. Building and Environment, 106840.
7. Wai, K. M., Ng, E. Y., Wong, C. M., Tan, Z., Lin, T. H., Lien, W. H., ... & Kim, J. (2017). Aerosol pollution and its potential impacts on outdoor human thermal sensation: East Asian perspectives. Environmental Research, 158, 753-758.
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Updated in Aug 2020