SUN Yi  
Dr SUN Yi 孫羿
BEng (Urban Planning, SYSU); PhD (HKU)
Assistant Professor
HD BTM - Deputy Programme Leader ; Academic Advisor ;Student Exchange Officer
Tel.: (852) 2766 5565
E-mail address :
ResearcherID: Q-6694-2016 (
  I joined the Hong Kong Polytechnic University as an Assistant Professor since July 2017, immediately after a solid academic training at the University of Hong Kong and then the Chinese University of Hong Kong. My fields of research are urban studies and planning, with particular reference to the densely populated Asian cities. My primary research areas include “state space(s)” of capitalism and socialism, urban sustainability, urban resilience, and ageing. Most of my published works relate to one or several of these themes. As population ageing and urbanisation become the two salient trends, I am interested in examining the most effective links between ageing well and urban environment, with a view to providing pragmatic solutions for future planning and design. Influenced by the scholarship of political economy, my research on planning and urbanism pertains to a critical perspective, articulating, inter alia, reshuffling of power, right to the city and social determinants of well-being. My teaching focuses on urban planning and urbanisation, as well as land and real estate development in Hong Kong and the Chinese cities.
Main areas
Urban and regional development
Land and real estate development
Project studio
Research methods
Research and Scholarly Activities
Urban studies
Ageing and well-being
Disaster risk reduction and resilience
Current Research Projects
“Establishment of an active ageing index for Hong Kong: Re-inventing the lived experience and potential of older people” (Co-I, RGC General Research Fund 2017/18, on-going)
Administration and Professional Services


Professional services/ membership

Officer: International Student Exchange, Department of Building and Real Estate

Member, Departmental Management Committee, Department of Building and Real Estate (BRE), the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
HD BTM - Deputy Programme Leader
Academic advisor, BRE
Faculty member, Institute of Active Ageing, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2017- )
Panel member, Expert Group on Disaster-related Statistics in Asia and the Pacific, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) (2017)
Early career member, Regional Studies Association, United Kingdom (2017- )
Selected Publication





2013 and earlier

Sun, Y., Phillips, D.R., & Wong, M. (2018). A study of housing typology and perceived age-friendliness in an established Hong Kong new town: a person-environment perspective, Geoforum, 88, 17-27.
Sun, Y., Wong, A., Chau, A.K.C., Wong, M., & Woo, J. (2018). Examining age-friendly communities through a bottom-up, context-sensitive approach: a place audit in Tai Po district of Hong Kong, In T-Y. Chao (Ed.), Planning for Greying Cities. New York: Routledge.
Sun, Y., Chau, P.H., Wong, M., & Woo, J. (2017). Place- and age-responsive disaster risk reduction for Hong Kong: collaborative place audit and social vulnerability index for elders, International Journal of Disaster Risk Science, 8(2), 121-133.
Sun, Y., & Chan, R.C.K. (2017). Planning discourses, local state commitment, and the making of a new state space (NSS) for China: evidence from regional strategic development plans in the Pearl River Delta, Urban Studies, 54(4), 3281-3298.
Sun, Y., Chao, T.-Y., Woo, J., & Au, D.W.H. (2017). An institutional perspective of “Glocalization” in two Asian tigers: the “structure-agent-strategy” of building an age-friendly city, Habitat International, 59, 101-109.
Sun, Y., Lin, J., & Chan, R.C.K. (2017). Pseudo use value and output legitimacy of local growth coalitions in China: a case study of the Liede redevelopment project in Guangzhou, Cities, 61, 9-16.
Sun, Y., Chan, R.C.K., & Chen, H. (2016). Learning with geographical sensitivity: place-based education and its praxis, The Professional Geographer, 68(4), 574-583.
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