Dr. Esther Hiu Kwan YUNG
BArch, MSc(CPM), Dip Legal Studies, PhD(HKU)
Assistant Professor
Tel.: (852) 3400 8196
E-mail address : esther.yung@polyu.edu.hk
  Dr Esther Hiu Kwan YUNG held a MSc and PhD degrees from the Department of Real Estate and Construction at the University of Hong Kong. She also obtained a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of New South Wales, Australia.

Dr Yung worked as an assistant architect in two renowned architectural firms in Hong Kong before studying for her PhD. After obtaining her PhD, she worked as a research officer in a NGO for the handicapped for two years. Dr Yung joined the Hong Kong Polytechnic University as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in BRE. She was appointed as an Assistant Professor in Planning and Development in 2014. She has published extensively in top refereed journals in the area of built heritage conservation elderly people and urban environment.
Main areas
Development Control Law
Urban Planning and Urban design
Research Methods
Research and Scholarly Activities
Built heritage conservation
Urban planning and development
Urban sustainability
Active ageing and urban environment



(in the capacity of PI)

  RGC-GRF -  Considerations of planning community facilities and elderly
neighbourhood satisfaction in  urban old district (Jan 2019-2021) HK$0.98 million
  PICO-PPR –An Analytical Study on Preferences of the Elderly in Visiting Public Open
Spaces (2018-2019) HK$0.38 million

A Study of Spatial Accessibility of Public Open Space for the Elderly in Urban Renewal (April 2017--2019) 

  Investigation of urban planning and design considerations to mitigate heat island effect: the role of heritage conservation in dense urban city (April 2016-Mar-2018)
  Integration of built heritage conservation and urban planning: the case of dense urban cities (Jan 2015-FEB-2017)
  Evaluation of thermal comfort and well-being in elderly indoor living environment (Sept. 2015 - Aug. 2016)
  (in the capacity of Co-I)
Development Bureau, Built Heritage Conservation Fund –“point-line-plane” approach  in built heritage  conservation (2018-2020),  Prof Edwin Chan as PI, HK$1.9 million.
  RGC General Research Fund - A Framework for the Analysis of Embodied Carbon and Construction Cost of Heritage Conservation Projects (2014-2016, Co-I), Prof Edwin Chan as PI,
  RISUD & VPRD Reserve - Study of density and community facilities for neighborhood planning: Part of a larger research project on re-defining density of city (collaborative research with the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, MIT, 2014-2016, Co-I) Prof Edwin Chan as PI, HK$
  Deputy Award Coordinator (Mixed mode), MSc/PgD in Construction Law and Dispute Resolution (Sept 2015 – present)
  Member, Departmental Staffing Committee (Sept 2015 – present)
  Academic Advisor for PMT
Professional Service
Professional Service
  Panel Member, Authorized Persons Registration Committee, Building Department, HKSAR (Jan, 2016 – 2017)
  Member, the HKIA Heritage and Conservation Committee (Jan 2015 – Present)
  Faculty member of the Institute of Active Ageing (IAA), the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Editor/ Reviewer for Academic Journals
  Guest Co-editor of a special issue of Sustainability (forthcoming 2019)
  Guest Co-editor of a special issue of the Habitat International 2012
  Land Use Policy, Landscape and Urban Planning , Social and Cultural Geography
  Cities, Habitat International, Social Indicators Research
  Journal of Environmental Planning and Management
  International Journal of Heritage Studies
Selected Recent Publication List
Scholarly Books & Monographs (selected)
  Yung, E.H.K. and Chan, E.H.W. (2015) Climate change and built heritage conservation: the case of Hong Kong and Shanghai, in The Future of Heritage as Climate Change: Loss, Adaption and Creativity, edited by Perry, J. and Harvey, D., Routledge, Taylor &Francis Group, London and New York.
  Yung, E. H. K. and Leung H. H.  Contested cultural heritage space in urban renewal: The case of a dense urban city in Hong Kong, in The Routledge Handbook of Henri Lefebvre, the City and Urban Society, Part 3 Representing and contesting urban space.  Edited by Michael E Leary-Owhin and John P McCarthy. Routledge, Taylor &Francis Group, London and New York, forthcoming in 2018
  Yung, E.H.K., Ho, W. and Chan, E.H.W. (2017) Elderly satisfaction with planning and design of public parks in high density old districts: an ordered logit model, Landscape and Urban Planning, (published online May, 2017)
Publications in Refereed Journals (selected)
  Yung, E.H.K., Ho, W. and Chan, E.H.W. (2017) Elderly satisfaction with planning and design of public parks in high density old districts: an ordered logit model, Landscape and Urban Planning, (published online May, 2017)
  Yung, E.H.K., Zhang Q., and Chan, E. H.W. (2017) Underlying social factors for evaluating heritage conservation in urban renewal districts, Habitat International, (accepted in June, 2017)
  Yung, E.H.K.,  Conejos, S., & Chan, E.H.W. (2016) Public open space planning for the elderly: the case of dense urban renewal districts in Hong Kong, Land Use Policy, 59, In Progress, 1-11.
  Jayantha, Wadu,  M and Yung, Esther HK (2018) Effect of Revitalisation of  Historic Buildings on Retail Shop Values in Urban Renewal: An Empirical  Analysis, Sustainability, 10, 1418; doi:10.3390/su10051418 
  Yung, E.H.K.,  Conejos, S., & Chan, E.H.W. (2015) Social needs of the elderly and active ageing in public open spaces in urban renewal, Cities, 52, 114-122
  Yung, E.H.K. & Chan, E.H.W. (2015) Re-examining the pro-growth ideology in cities: Conservation of historic properties in Hong Kong, Urban Review Affairs, 32 (4): 513–35.
  Yung, E.H.K., Lai, L.W.C., Yu, P.L. H. (2015) Public decision making for heritage conservation in a property state: a Hong Kong empirical study, Habitat International, 53, 312-319 
  Sun, L.L. Yung, E.H.K.,  Chan, E.H.W. & Zhu, D.J.  (2015) Issues of NIMBY conflict management from the perspective of stakeholders: A case study in Shanghai, Habitat International, In Press, 53, 133–141
  Yung, E.H.K.,  Langston, C., & Chan, E.H.W. (2014) Adaptive reuse of shophouses in urban renewal districts in Hong Kong, Cities, 39 , 87–98
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Conference paper (Selected)


1 Yung, E.H.K. & Chan, E.H.W. (2014) Difficulties in implementing the concept of sustainability in the adaptive reuse of heritage buildings: the case of Hong Kong and Shanghai, REHAB 2014, the International Conference on Preservation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings and Structures, Tomar, Portugal, 19-21 March, 2014.
2 Yung, E.H.K. & Chan, E.H.W. (2013) Formulating social indicators of revitalizing historic buildings in urban renewal: Towards a research agenda, in Urban Density and Sustainability, Sustainability Building 2013 Hong Kong Regional Conference, 12-13 Sept. 2013 , Hong Kong, CD.
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4 Yung, E. H. K. and Chan, E. H. W. (2010) Critical Factors for Sustainable Adaptive
Reuse of Heritage Buildings, Proceedings of the First International Conference on
Sustainable Urbanization 15-17 December 2010, Hong Kong Polytechnic University,
Hong Kong: China, (CD-Rom pub).
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6 Lung, P.Y. and Yung, E.H.K. (2004) Enhancing “Cultural Capital”: the way to sustainability, the Symposium on Green Building design: Experiences in Hong Kong and Shanghai, p.51-69
Doctoral Dissertation


  Architectural heritage conservation in Hong Kong: an empirical analysis, Unpublished PhD Thesis, The University of Hong Kong, 2007.


  Departmental Research Publication Award 2014-15, the Department of Building and Real Estate, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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