Patrick T.I. Lam
PhD, MSc, Associateship (in BTM), Dip.Finance, MHKIS, MHKIE, MHKICM, MSISV, MSIArb, MRICS, MCIOB, RPE, RPS, CCP

Associate Professor & Award Coordinator for MSc / PgD in PM

Tel.: (852) 2766 5799
E-mail address:

Patrick Lam has had rich professional and academic experiences since graduating from the Hong Kong Polytechnic in the 1980s. On the professional side, he had practised for 10 years in multi-disciplinary design office, consultant quantity surveyors and contractor/developer both in Hong Kong and Singapore. On the academic side, he has had substantial experience lecturing on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in universities and polytechnics both locally and overseas. Whilst teaching, Patrick is active in research and consultancy projects.The teaching team (MSc in Project Management) which he leads has won outstanding Academic ProgrammeDevelopment Awards at both the departmental and faculty levels in 2009/2010.

Winner of Departmental Award for Outstanding Teacher (2015/16)...more

Main areas
Construction Economics (for Surveying & Property Management)
Project Evaluation & Development (integrated with online learning)
Development Finance (MSc progamme - Mixed mode and CyberU)
Research and Scholarly Activities
Procurement Systems
Project Financing, PPP and Business models
Construction Contracts and Specifications
Quality and Buildability issues
Clean Development Mechanism
Projects (as Principal Investigator)
A Model on Buildability Assessment for Hong Kong (CERG project)
Benchmarking Buildability by Implementing theBuildability Assessment Model in Hong Kong (CERG project)
A Buildability Assessment System for the Scheme Design Stage of Building Projects in Hong Kong (BRE departmental project)
An Investigation of Pitfalls in Output Specifications for Public-Private Partnership Projects and their Solutions (GRF project)
An Investigation into Energy Performance Contracting for enhancing its role in energy conservation in Hong Kong (GRF project)
A Framework for the Sustainable Adoption of Green Specifications in the Hong Kong Construction Industry (PolyU Intra-faculty project)
Critical Success Factors for Bond Financing of Infrastructure Projects in Asia
The Applicability of Clean Development Mechanism in the Building Sector of Hong Kong (ongoing)
Projects (
as Co- 
Sustainable building maintenance: balancing empolyment, costs and carbon emlusions (GRF project)
Financing Contractors: The Case of Bank Lending in Hong Kong (CERG project)
Developing a Best Practice Framework for Implementing Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in Hong Kong (CERG project)
Evaluating the Key Risk Factors and Risk Sharing Mechanisms for Target Cost Contracting (TCC) Schemes in Construction (CERG project)
Developing an Equitable Risk Sharing Mechanism for Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Projects in the PRC (a National Science Foundation of China/RGC Joint Research Scheme with Tsinghua University)
Programme Leader for MSc/PgD in Project Management (2007-ongoing)
Member of University’s Works Funding Sub-committee (2007-ongoing)
Faculty Board Member, Faculty of Construction and Land Use (2002-2004)
Consultancy and Professional Service
Developed office standard architectural specifications for a major quantity surveying practice in Singapore (2000-2001)
Team member of HKIE consultancy project on “An analysis of the state of Hong Kong's buildings” (2007)
Core Member of PolyU team in collaboration with HKU team for:- ¡§Reinventing Hong Kong Construction Industry for its Sustainable Development¡¨, (sponsored by the CII-HK: 2007-2008)
Core Team member for MTRC consultancy project on “Application of Public-Private Partnerships in Urban Rail-Based Transportation Project” (sponsored by Asian Development Bank: 2007-2009)
Core Member of Procurement Study for Phase 3 development (Client: Science and Technology Parks: 2009-2010)
Academic / Professional
Associate Editor for the Journal of Built Environment Project and Asset Management (an Emerald Publication)
Selected Recent Publication List
Book Chapters
Lam P.T.I.(1990) A Critical Comparison of Construction Procurement and Contracting Systems in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, a report published by the Hong Kong Polytechnic (with copyright approval by the College of Estate Management, U.K.) as sponsored by the Jones Lang Wootton Travelling Scholarship
Walker, C, Smith, A, and Lam P.T.I., et al (1995),Privatised Infrastructure: The BOT Approach, Thomas Telford, London, (contribution of 4 chapters and a case study)
Lam, P.T.I., Wong, F.W.H. and Chan, E.H.W. (2008) Quantitative Assessment of Buildability, In Chan, E. (Ed.) Contractual and Regulatory Innovations in Building & Real Estate, PACE Publishing Ltd.
Lam, P.T.I. Chan, E.H.W., Chau, C.K., Poon, C.S. and K.P. Chun (2009) An overview of the development of green specifications in the construction industry worldwide, International Sustainable and Urban Regeneration: Case Studies and Lessons Learned, ICONUS, 86-93
Lam, P.T.I.(1995) Application of Value Engineering in the Construction Industry,    The Asia Pacific Building and Construction Management Journal, , Hong Kong, 1, 18-24
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