Dr. FAN Hongqin (樊宏欽)
B.Sc. (Tsinghua University), M.Sc.(University of British Columbia), Ph.D. (University of Alberta), MHKICM, MCIOB

Associate Professor, Award Coordinator for BSc (Hons) BEM - 4 years curriculum FT & Academic Advisor

Tel.: (852) 2766 5788
E-mail address : hongqin.fan@polyu.edu.hk

Dr. FAN Hongqin is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Building and Real Estate at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Dr. Fan received his bachelor's degree in hydraulic structure engineering from Tsinghua University in 1991, M.Sc. in construction engineering and management from the University of British Columbia in 2003, and Ph.D. in construction engineering and management from the University of Alberta in 2007 . Dr. Fan has 10 years hand-on experience in construction industry before changing his career to academia. He worked with China Harbor Engineering Company (中國港灣建設總公司) from 1991 to 2000, (worked as a project engineer in the Project management of Macau International Airport (澳門國際機場), between 1993 and 1995), and worked with All-span Construction Engineering Ltd., Canada in 2000. Dr. Fan was a part-time instructor at the University of Alberta in 2006/2007, an assistant professor of construction technology at Missouri Western State University (Saint Joseph, Missouri, U.S.A) in 2007/2008 before joining the Hong Kong PolyU in 2008.

Main areas
Structural design, steel structure, reinforced concrete structure (BRE302)
Temporary works design (BRE3931)
Construction engineering and management
Advanced construction technology
Research and Scholarly Activities
Construction equipment management
Construction information management
Decision support system, data mining, text mining
Sustainable construction
Engineering education


“Life Cycle Cost Management of Heavy Construction Equipment Using Data Mining Techniques”, 2009-2013. 0.8 Million HK$, funded by Research Grant Council, Hong Kong.
“Construction Equipment Failure Prediction: A Data Mining Approach”, 2010-2013. 0.56 Million HK$, funded by Research Grant Council, Hong Kong.
“Learning Bayesian Networks for Root Cause Failure Analysis of Construction Equipment”, 2012-2014. 0.16 Million HK$, central research fund, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
“Labour Productivity Modeling, Variation Analysis and Benchmarking in Building Construction: From a Contractor's Perspective”, 2012-2014. 0.2 Million HK$, Sustainability Research Fund, Department of Building and Real Estate, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
Member, HKICM
Certified ISO9000 internal quality auditor, Ministry of Construction, P.R. China
Award coordinator, Building Engineering and Management (Honors) programme, Department of Building and Real Estate, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Professional Service
Reviewer. Elsevier Automation in Construction; ASCE Journal of Urban Planning and Development; International Journal of Project Management; International Journal of Construction Management; Journal of Smart and Sustainable Built Environment; International Journal of Architecture, Engineering and Construction, etc.
Section chair, technical reviewer, and paper reviewer, for various international conferences in construction management, including ISARC, IEEE International Conference on Data Mining, CSCE International Construction Specialty Conference, etc.
Selected Recent Publication List
Publicatios in Referred Journal
Fan, H. and Li, H. (2012). "Retrieving similar cases for alternative dispute resolution in construction accidents using text mining techniques ". Automation in Construction, Elsevier, Vol. 34, pp.85-91 (2013).
Fan, H. (2012). "Data mining and statistical analysis of construction equipment failure". Gerontechnology, Vol. 11 (2).
Fan, H., Zaiane, O.,Foss, A. and Wu J. (2009) “Resolution-based outlier factor: detecting the top-n most outlying data points in engineering data.”  Journal of Knowledge and Information Systems Springer. 19(1), 31-51
Fan, H., AbouRizk, S., Kim, H. and Zaiane O. (2008). “Assessing residual values of heavy construction equipment using predictive data mining model.” Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, 22(3), 181-191.
Fan, H., Kim, H, AbouRizk, S. and Han, S. (2008) “Decision support in construction equipment management using a nonparametric outlier mining algorithm." Journal of Expert Systems with Applications, 35(4).
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Xue X.L., Shen Q.P., Fan, H., Li, H., and Fan S.C. (2012). “IT supported collaborative work in A/E/C/ projects: A ten-year review". Automation in Construction, Elsevier, Vol. 21, pp.1-9.
“BIM技术应用的机遇与挑战:香港建筑业实践情况”(2010).  樊宏钦    郭红领    金志刚    李恒,土木建筑工程信息技术期刊,第二卷,第三期,2010.9.

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