Professor Heng LI

Chair Professor, Research Centre Director for CI, Academic Discipline Leaders of Information and Construction Technology & Director of Smart Construction Lab, Academic Advisor

Tel.: (852) 2766 5879
E-mail address :

Heng started his academic career from Tongji University since 1987. Heng then researched and lectured at the University of Sydney, James Cook University and Monash University before joining Hong Kong Polytechnic University. During this period, Heng have also worked with engineering design and construction firms and provided consultancy services to both private and government organizations in Australia, Hong Kong and China. Heng has conducted many funded research projects related to the innovative application and transfer of construction information technologies, and he has published 2 books, more than 300 journal papers in major journals of his field and numerous conferences papers in proceedings.

Main areas
Digital and Smart construction
Construction Information Technology 
Construction Management 
Construction Technology
Research and Scholarly Activities
Construction Virtual Prototyping Technology (please link to
Construction Management and Innovative Technology
Digital Construction and Smart Construction Technologies
Currently 5 PhD students and 3 Mphil students
Director, Research Centre for Construction Innovation
Discipline Leader, Information and Construction Technology
Smart Construction Laboratory
Academic Advisor
Consultancy and Professional Service
Application of Construction Virtual Prototyping Technology
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Served as editor, editorial board members to several leading research journals, please link to
Selected Recent Publication List
Publications on line
Book and Research Monograph (Selected)
Li, H. (1994) Machine Learning of Design Concepts. Computational Mechanics Press. Southampton, UK. 220p
Chen Z and Li, H. (2006) Environmental Management in Construction, A Quantitative Approach. Taylor & Francis. 212p.
Paper (Selected)
Cao, D., Li, H., Wang, G., Huang, T. (2017) Identifying and contextualising the motivations for BIM implementation in construction projects: An empirical study in China. International Journal of Project Management, 35 (4), pp. 658-669.
Yan, X., Li, H., Li, A.R., Zhang, H. (2017) Wearable IMU-based real-time motion warning system for construction workers' musculoskeletal disorders prevention. Automation in Construction, 74, pp. 2-11.
Lu, M., Cheung, C.M., Li, H., Hsu, S.-C. (2016) Understanding the relationship between safety investment and safety performance of construction projects through agent-based modeling. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 94, pp. 8-17.
Luo, X., Li, H., Huang, T., Skitmore, M. (2016) Quantifying Hazard Exposure Using Real-Time Location Data of Construction Workforce and Equipment (2016) Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 142 (8).
Lu, H., Wang, H., Xie, Y., Li, H. (2016) Construction material safety-stock determination under nonstationary stochastic demand and random supply yield. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 63 (2), art. no. 7439764, pp. 201-212.
Luo, X., Li, H., Huang, T., Rose, T. (2016) A field experiment of workers' responses to proximity warnings of static safety hazards on construction sites. Safety Science, 84, pp. 216-224.
Li, Li, H., Yang, X., Wang, F., Rose, T., Chan, G., Dong, S. (2016) Stochastic state sequence model to predict construction site safety states through Real-Time Location Systems. Safety Science, 84, pp. 78-87.

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