Prof. Edwin Hon-wan CHAN
BA(AS)(Hons), PgDip Arch,  MA(Arch), LLB(Hons), PgD(PRC Law), PhD (Lon U), Barrister Finals, MBEng, FHKICM,  FHKIArb, RIBA, MRICS, (Arbitrator and Mediator)

Professor, Associate Head (Research), Award Coordinator for MSc / PgD in CLDR, Academic Discipline Leaders of Construction & Real Estate Law & Policy, Dept. Research Committee Chair & Sustainable City Laboratory Management Committee Chair

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Prof. Edwin Chan studied Architecture in England and then learnt Law at London University and Hong Kong University. He obtained his PhD degree from King’s College, London University on construction dispute management. He is a Chartered Architect (Authorized Person), Chartered Surveyor and also a Barrister-at-Law called to the UK and Hong Kong Bars. Before joining the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, he had worked in industry for over 10 years with practical experience in project management and building control in the UK andHong Kong . He is currently involved with teaching, research and consultancy on development control policy, Green/Healthy Building, construction law/dispute resolution.

Details about "Towards A Quality and Sustainable Built Environment" Policy Forum (23/04/2009)

Main areas
Construction Law 
Construction Contracts
Dispute Management
Research and Scholarly Activities
Real Estate development control
Green/Healthy building
Construction law/ Dispute management
Policy and regulatory for construction and Real Estate


Public Space and Building Density of Private Mass Housing Development in Hong Kong
Solutions Implementation of Healthy Building for Hong Kong
Effect of Public Housing Design on Community Health and Safety
Evaluation of the Building Laws for Sustainable Dense Urban Development in Hong Kong
Objective System for Developing Policy on Conservation of Built Heritage
A Model for Evaluating Environmental Legislative Impacts on Property Developments
Optimization Program for the Selection of Dispute Resolution Mechanisms to Resolve International Construction Disputes.
Best Practice in Contracting Systems for International Construction Projects in Mainland China
Contract Policy Governing Design Management in Design & Build Projects
Critical factors for delivering sustainable urban renewal projects in Hong Kong. (PhD Study)
Benchmarking Builtability in the Construction Industry in HK (PhD Study)
Professionalism and Leadership Styles Among Building Professionals  (PhD Study)
An optimal contract strategy in managing extension of time in building contracts using a risk management approach (PhD Study)
Implementation of a Generic Incentive Scheme for Promoting Building Energy Efficiency (BEE) in Terms of Transaction Cost (PhD Study)
Sustainable Housing: The Local Authority Neighbourhood Management System  (PhD Study)
Space Negotiation and Built Environment in Rural-urban Fringe of Chinese Cities, Evidence from Shanghai (PhD Study)
Innovative Market System for Energy Saving of Existing Buildings (PhD Study)
Award Cordinator, MSc in Construction Law and Dispute Resolution
Discipline Leader, Construction and Real Estate Law and Policy
Academic Resources Officer   
Consultancy and Professional Service
Arbitrator and Mediator of Building Contract Disputes (Panel website:
Regulation of Estate Agency Work in relation to Commercial/Industrial Properties, commissioned by Estate Agents Authority, Hong Kong.

Consultancy Service to Develop a Model to Estimate Construction Personnel Manpower Demand and Supply on a Regular Basis, commissioned by the Works Bureau, Government of the Hong Kong SAR.

Consultancy on the Accessibilities of People with Disabilities in Public Housing Estates, commissioned by Equal Opportunities Commission, Hong Kong SAR.

Independent Analysis and Reporting of the Public Viewing Exercise for the Tamar Development Project, for HKSAR Government, with the Public Policy Research Institute of The HKPolyU (2007)
Public Engagement Exercise on the Recommendations of the Consultative Committee on the Core Arts and Cultural Facilities of the West Kowloon Cultural District, for HKSAR Government, with the Public Policy Research Institute of The HKPolyU (2008)
Hon Sec. (2005-2006) & Council Member (2004- ) Professional Green Building Council
Hon Sec. (2006-2008) & Council Member (2009) Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators
Hon Treasurer (2004-6) & Chairman of Board of Local Affairs (2009)  Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA)
Chairman, Contract and Dispute Resolution Committee (HKIA)
Member (2001- 2007) of the Appeal Boards under:- the Guesthouse Accommodation Ordinance, the Clubs (Safety of Premises) Ordinance and the Bedspace Apartments Ordinance
Member (2004-) of Building Appeal Tribunal, under the Buildings Ordinance, HKSAR.
Member (2005-2009), the Home Purchase Allowance, Appeals Committee, HKSAR
Member, Building Committee of Housing Authority, HKSAR
Member, Town Planning Board, HKSAR
Selected Recent Publication List
Mok PKW & Chan EHW (2008) Build with Heart and Care: Highlights of Carelessness in Workmanship and Common Building Defects in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers & Pace Publishing Ltd, pp158. (June 2008)
Chan E.H.W (2008) Optimization Program for the Selection of Dispute Resolution Mechanisms to Resolve International Construction Disputes  (, E-publication by Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre.  (June 2008)
Chan E.H.W. and Mok P. (2002) e-Base Knowledge on Statutory Requirements for Property and Construction Professionals in Hong Kong, Pace publishing Ltd. ISBN: 962-7723-48-7, Hong Kong. (Web-basedpublication:
Wong W.S. & Chan E.H.W. (eds) (2000) Building Hong Kong: Environmental Considerations, Hong Kong University Press, ISBN: 962-209-502-X,361pp.

List of Refereed Journal Papers with direct web-links (please click)

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Chan E.H.W. & Au M CY (2009) Factors Influencing Building Contractors' Pricing for Time-Related Risks in Tenders, Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, Vol 135(3), pp. 135-145 (
) (
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Lee, G.K.L. and Chan, E.H.W. (2008). The analytic hierarchy process (AHP) approach forassessment of urban renewal proposals. Social Indicators Research, 89(1) Oct. 155-168. (
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and Other 

List of Refereed conference papers (please click)
Examples for year 2006-2008

Wong F.W.H., Chan E.H.W., Lam P.T.I. and Yu A.T.W. (2008) Impacts of environmental legislation on property developments in Hong Kong. In: Proceedings of The 12 Symposium on Construction Engineering and Management, Diwan College, Taiwan, 03 July, 38.
Lam Patrick T.I., Chan Edwin H.W., Chau C.K., Poon C.S., and Chun K.P., (2008) An Overview of the Development of Green Specifications in the Construction Industry, Proceedings of ICONUS 2008, Jan 2008, Hong Kong College of Technology,  Hong Kong, 295-301 (
Qian, Q.K., and Chan, E.H.W. (2008) Incentive Instruments for Government and Private Sector Partnership to Promote Building Energy Efficiency (BEE): A Comparative Study between mainland China and Some Developed Countries, The BEAR 2008 CIB W89 : International Conference in Building Education and Research, Kandalama, Sri Lanka 10th - 15th February 2008(CDROM publication)
Lee, G.K.L. and Chan, E.H.W. (2008). Benchmarks for achieving environmental sustainability in Hong Kong through urban renewal. 3rd International Symposium on Environment. Athens Institute for Education and Research, Athens, Greece, 22-25 May 2008.
Lee, G.K.L. and Chan, E.H.W. (2007). A revolution in Hong Kong urban renewal. International Networking for Young Scientists (INYS) Conference 2007 on "Policy Issues of Sustainable Built Environment Research".  British Council and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China, 24-26 January 2007.
Qian Q.K. & Chan E.H.W. (2007) Government Measures for Promoting Building Energy Efficiency (BEE): A Comparative Study between China and Some Developed Countries, The 12th International Research Symposium on Advancement of Construction Management and Real Estate, 8 to 10 August 2007, University of New South Wales, Australia.
Lee GKL, Kwok CSC & Chan EHW (2007) Public Housing Design Parameters Having Impacts On Community Health And Safety- Residents' View, The 12th International Research Symposium on Advancement of Construction Management and Real Estate, 8 to 10 August 2007, University of New South Wales, Australia.
Lee, G. K. L. and Chan E.H.W. (2007) Design Factors for Meeting Sustainable Development Objectives of Urban Renewal Projects. In: Sustainable Building Conference (SB07) Hong Kong – Connected; Viable; Livable; Stay Healthy.  Hong Kong, China, Commerce, Industry and Technology Bureau of The Hong Kong SAR Government and Professional Green Building Council, 4-5 December 2007.
Au M.C.Y. & Chan E.H.W. (2006) Relationship between Organizational Size and Contractor’s Behavioural Pattern in Pricing Weather Risks, International Conference: Sustainable Development through Culture and Innovation (CCIM), 26-29 November 2006, British University in Dubai, Dubai, UAE (CD-ROM publication).
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Qian K., & Wu J. and Chan E.H.W. (2006) Policy Deficiencies in Promoting Building Energy Efficiency in Mainland China, The CRIOCM2006 International Symposium on “Advancement of Construction Management and Real Estate” 3-5 November, 2006, North China Electric Power University, Beijing, China.
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Lee G. K. L. and Chan E.H.W. (2006) Effective Approach to Achieve Sustainable Urban Renewal in Densely Populated Cities. In: 1st International CIB Student Chapters Postgraduate Conference – Built Environment and Information Technologies.  Ankara, Turkey, CIB Students Chapters, 16-18 March 2006
Chan E.H.W. & Ho D.C.W. (2005) Healthy Building: Community Healthy & The Built Environment, Construction Industry Institute- Hong Kong, 223pp.
Doctoral and 
1 Chan E.H.W. A Study of Dispute Management Relevant To Disputes Arising In International Construction Projects Involving Both European And East Asian Cultural Factors, Ph.D. Thesis, King’s College, University of London, 484pp.
2 CHAN, E.H.W. Environmental Design for Hotel Buildings in Subtropics- An Energy Conscious Design, M.A.(Arch) Thesis, University of Sheffield, 144 pp.
Co-Editor, International Journal of Construction Management,(Since 2001)
Editor, HKIA Journal: The Official Journal of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects, (Since 1996-)
Member of Editorial Board, Asian Dispute Review, HKIAC (2004 - )
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