Professor Edwin Hon-wan CHAN
BA(AS)(Hons), PgDip Arch, MA(Arch), LLB(Hons), PgD(PRC Law), PhD (Lon U), Barrister Finals, MBEng, FHKICM, FHKIArb, RIBA, MRICS, (Arbitrator and Mediator)
Professor; Award Coordinator for MSc / PgD in CLDR;  Academic Discipline Leader of Urban Sustainability Policy;  Academic Advisor
Tel.: (852) 2766 5800 Fax.: (852) 2764 5131
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Prof. Edwin Chan studied Architecture in England and then learnt Law at London University and Hong Kong University. He obtained his PhD degree from King’s College, London University. He is a Chartered Architect (Authorized Person), Chartered Surveyor and also a Barrister-at-Law called to the UK and Hong Kong Bars. Before joining the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, he had worked in industry for over 10 years with practical experience in property development and building control in the UK and Hong Kong. He is currently involved with teaching research and consultancy on urban studies, urban community planning, urban renewal, etc.He has published over 100 international journal papers, and serves as an editorial board member of research journals. He also serves committee members of a number of government committees and professional bodies.

Adjunct/Visiting Professor:
  University of South Australia, Australia
  Sun Yat-sen University, China
  Universiti Technologi Malaysia, Malaysia
Honorable Professor:
Visiting Scholar:
  Suzhou Uni. of Science & Technology, China
  University of California Berkeley, USA
  University of Cambridge, UK (Martin Centre)
Main areas
Urban renewal & heritage
Urban studies
Construction Law 
Research and Scholarly Activities
Urban Planning and Land use
Urban Renewal and Heritage conservation
Age-friendly and mobility
Institutioanl analaysis and Policy for construction and Real Estate
Green buildings/cities promotion


Social Considerations in Planning Public Open Space to Integrate Elderly People in Urban Renewal (GRF grant project B-Q31Q)
Social considerations on conservation of built Heritage for Sustainability Urban Renewal (GRF grant project B-Q27P)
A Framework for the Analysis of Embodied Carbon and Construction Cost of Heritage Conservation Projects (GRF grant project B-Q42P )
Sustainable Planning Criteria (SPC) for Age-friendly Precincts in the New Development Areas (NDAs) of Hong Kong  (PPR grant project K-QZ1E)
Framework for Implementing the Transfer Development Rights in the Conservation of Privately Owned Built Heritage (PPR grant project K-QZ17)
Exploratory Study on the Critical Design Considerations Factors for Healthy Aging in Urban Renewal (Fundable PPR project)
A Strategic Framework to Incorporate Public Participation in the Sustainable Conservation of Built Heritage for a Harmonious Hong Kong (Fundable PPR project)
Study of Density and Community Facilities for Neighborhood Planning: Part of a Larger Research Project on Re-defining the Density of City (Joint project with MIT: 1-ZVD1)
Dynamic Land Use Change and Sustainable Urban Development in Chinese Cities - a pilot study (1-ZVBV)
Assistive Technique to Elicit Public's Preference on the Adaptive Reuse of Built Heritage (G-YX2M)
Collaborative Research for Sustainable Urban Renewal for Dense City (1-ZVB9 )
Comparative Study of Transit-Oriented Development and Urban Renewal in Dense Cities (1-ZVEV )
Critical Factors for Delivering Sustainable Urban Renewal Projects in Hong Kong (Graduated)
Space Negotiation and Built Environment in Rural-urban Fringe of Chinese Cities, Evidence from Shanghai (Graduated)
Barriers to Building Energy Efficiency (BEE) BEE promotion: A transaction cost perspective(Graduated)
Institutional Change in Malaysian Housing: Community Responses towards the Emergence of Different Institutional Arrangement (Graduated)
Smart Growth to Megacities for Sustainable Urban Development through Land Use Planning and Regulation: Visions of Beijing City
The Integration of Two Megacities in Guangdong: Governance Rescaling and the Evolution of Spatial Configuration
Sustainable Land Use in High Density Cities: Land Use Cover Change Dynamics and Optimization Approaches
Dynamic Land Use Change and Sustainable Urban Development in 2nd tier City, China
Cost-benefit-analysis (CBA) for Implementing Green Buildings (GB) Promotion Incentives: Comparative Study of Hong Kong and a European City-Transaction Cost Perspective
A Framework of Strategies for Resolving Urban NIMBY Conflict: the Case of Energy Facilities in Shanghai
Award Coordinator for MSc / PgD in CLDR
Academic Discipline Leader of Urban Sustainability Policy
Academic Advisor
Consultancy and Professional Service
Services to Professional Community

Government Board/Committee

Member, Town Planning Board, HKSAR (2007- 2014)
Member, Building Committee (2006-2014) & Subsidized Housing Committee, HK Housing Authority (2006- )
Member, Supporting Service Development Com, Hospital Authority (2011- )
Member, Capital Works Sub-committee, Hospital Authority (2012-)
Member, Hong Kong Housing Authority (2012- )
Deputy Chairman, Home Purchase Allowance Appeals Committee Panel, HKSAR (2010-)
Member, Vocational Training Council (Building & Civil Eng Training Board) (2011- 2015)
Specialist, HK Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualifications (2009- )

Professional Institutes

Chairman, Registration Committee, HK Architects Registration Board (2006-7)
Hon Treasurer, Hong Kong Institute of Architects (2004-06)
Member, Council of Hong Kong Institute of Architects (2003 -11)
Chairman, Board of Local Affairs, Hong Kong Institute of Architects (2009-11)
Chairman, Contract and Dispute Resolution Committee (2004-2009)
Hon Secretary, Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators (2006-8)
Hon Secretary, Professional Green Building Council (2005-2007)
Co-chairman, HKIA/HKIS Joint Dispute Resolution Committee (2005-2009)
Specialist appointment to HK PolyU
Member, Capital Project Steering Sub-committee, HK PolyU (2003-)
Member, Mediation Support Group, HK PolyU (2012-)
Member, Steering Committee of the Innovation Tower project (2012- 2014)
Member of Task Force, Planning of HMT Slope Campus Development, PolyU (2014-)
Member of Task Group, of Green Deck Project, PolyU (2012- )
Selected Recent Publication List
Journal papers
1 Chan E.H.W. & HOU, J (2015) Developing a framework to appraise the critical success factors of transfer development rights (TDRs) for built heritage conservation, Habitat International 46 (2015) 35 – 43
2 Yung, E.H.K. & Chan E.H.W. (2015) Re-examining the pro-growth ideology in cities: Conservation of historic properties in Hong Kong, Urban Review Affairs, (accepted in July. 2014)
3 Qian, Q.K., Chan, E.H.W., Khalid, A.G. (2015) Challenges in delivering green building projects: Unearthing the transaction costs (TCs), Sustainability (Switzerland) 7(4), 3615-3636.
4 Yung, E.H.K., Chan, E.H.W., Xu, Y. (2014) Community-initiated adaptive reuse of historic buildings and sustainable development in the inner city of Shanghai, Journal of Urban Planning and Development, 140(3), Article number 05014003.
5 LAM, TI, CHAN, EHW, YU, TW, CAM, W. C.N. & Yu, J. S. (2015) "Applicability of clean development mechanism to the Hong Kong building sector", Journal of Cleaner Production, June 2015, doi:10.1016/j.jclepro.2015.05.141
6 Yung, E.H.K., Chan, E.H.W., Xu, Y. (2014) Sustainable development and the rehabilitation of a historic urban district - social sustainability in the case of Tianzifang in Shanghai,  Sustainable Development, 22(2), 95-112.
7 Yung EHK, Chan EHW & Xu Y (2014) Assessing the social impact of revitalizing historic buildings on urban renewal: the case of a local participatory mechanism, J. of Design Research, 13(2), pp. 125–149
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9 Conejos, S., Yung, E.H.K. & Chan, E.H.W. (2014), Evaluation of Urban Sustainability and Adaptive Reuse of Built Heritage Areas: A Case Study on Conservation in Hong Kong’s CBD, J. of Design Research, 2014 Vol.12, No.4,  pp.260 - 279
10 Deng, Y., Poon, S. W., & Chan, EHW. (2014). Synergizing Functional and Environmental Planning for Mega-event Led Urban Renewals and Beyond: Lessons from the Expo 2010 Shanghai China. International Planning Studies, 1-24.
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Urban Land use Publication (Icon):  Urban Renewal-Land use and Sustainability Publication in refereed Journal (2000 to Jan. 2021, with web links) (Please click)
Chapter in an edited book (author)
1 Yung EHK, Chan EHW (2014) Relationship between climate change and built heritage: the case of dense urban cities in Hong Kong and China (Chapter 14), in The Future of Heritage as Climates Change: Loss, Adaptation and Creativity, (Ed: Harvey & Perry), Routledge, UK. Pp 306.
2 陈汉云,郎嵬,容晓君 (2013) 从社会因素角度考虑香港的可持续城市更新[M],中国城市发展报告(2013). 北京,中国城市出版社,2013.
3 Chan EHW and Qian QK (2011) "Promotion of Building Energy Efficiency- government' roles and market"  in Green Building Design and Technologies: Experiences in Southern China and Hong Kong (in Chinese and English), Liu T, Lau S., Wang J., Chan E. & Tang G. (Eds) China Building and Technology Publisher [Jian-kung], 83-93.
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Edited books (editor)
1 Liu T, Lau S., Wan J., Chan E.H.W. & Tang G. (2011), Green Building Design and Technologies: Experiences in Tianjin and Hong Kong (in Chinese and English), China Building and Technology Publisher [Jian-kung], pp.254
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4 Mok PKW & Chan EHW (2008) Build with Heart and Care: Highlights of Carelessness in Workmanship and Common Building Defects in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers & Pace Publishing Ltd, pp158.
5 Chan E.H.W. & Yiu ECY (2008) Contractual and Regulatory Innovations in Building and Real Estate, Pace Publishing Ltd: Hong Kong, pp138.
Keynotes and Invited conference paper

Keynotes/Plenary Papers

1 (2015) Land Use Pattern and Spatial Analysis of the Major Cities in China, Symposium on Applied Urban Modeling, Cambridge University, 24-26 June 2015, UK. 13-14. (Co-author: Lang Wei & Long Y.)
2 (2014) “Urban village in China: A unique legacy of urbanization and its future”, Martin Centre Public Lecture, 5th Nov., 2014 Dept. of Architecture, University of Cambridge, UK.
3 (2014) “Village in city”, public lecture on 10 Dec 2014, at Wurster Hall, IRUD of UC Berkeley, USA.
4 (2014) “Urban renewal and compact city”, Research seminar 15 Dec 2014,   Department on Department of Architectural Engineering, Penn State University, USA.
5 (2014) Invited speaker (Joint IRCC/CIBTG79 Sessions) of World Sustainable Building 2014, Barcelona, Spain 28 Oct 2014.
6 (2014)Social Considerations in Planning Public Open Space to Integrate Elderly People in Urban Renewal, RGC Public Lecture on Social Considerations for Urban Renewal, Central Library Hong Kong, 29 Sept 2014.1-63.
7 (2013) Sustainable Compact Cities for Human  Settlements: Hong Kong (Keynote Presentation), HabiTechno International Seminar 2013, 11 Nov. 2013 Bandung, Indonesia, 1-53
8 (2013) Promoting Green Building and Way Forward for a Green Built Environment (Keynote Presentation), BEC EnviroSeries Conference, 22 November 2013, BEC, Hong Kong 1-66
9 (2013) Challenges and Opportunities in China’s Urbanization: Sustainable Compact City of Hong Kong (Plenary paper), China- Australia Symposium 2013: sustainable I+urban Developemnt- Challenge and Opportunities 21 Feb 2013.  UniSA, Australia
10 (2012) “Innovative. Entrepreneurial. Global” University Presidents Forum, at the UTM University Presidents Forum, 6 May 2012, Malaysia 1-22.
11 (2010) Policy and Measures needed from government to promote Building Energy Efficiency (BEE) In China, keynote paper presented in the US-China Workshop on Pathways toward Low-Carbon Cities, December 13-14, 2010, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong.
12  (2010) Sustainable Urban Renewal Project Assessment Model, CRIOCM 2010 International Symposium on Towards sustainable Developemnt of International Metropolis, 7-8 August 2010, Johor, Malaysia, 24-33
13 (2008) Contractual Practice and Optimisation Selection of Dispute Resolution Mechanism for International Contracting (Keynote Paper), Quantity Surveying International Convention QSIC2008, 21-22 Oct 2008, Kuala Lumpur. P.1-10.
International Academic Leadership

Journal editorship/Editorial Board member:

Building Research & Information (Guest Editor)
Journal of Green Building (Editor)
Construction Management and Economics (Guest Editor)
Habitat International (Guest Editor/Editorial Board)
ASCE Urban Planning and Development (Editorial Board)
International Journal of Law in the Built Environment (Editorial Board)
Journal of Construction Engineering (Associate Editor)
The Open Urban Studies Journal (Editorial Board)
Sustainability (Editorial Board)
Asian Dispute Review (Editorial Board)
HKIA Journal (Editor)
IJ of Construction Management (Editor 1999 -2012)

Leadership of research Institutes/Groups

Coordinator of TG79 of the International Council for Research & Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB): Building Regulations and Control in Response to Climate Change (with Prof. H. Vischer)
Leader, Lab. of Sustainable land Use, RISUD, PolyU.
Expert panel member, ESCAP, Environment and Development Division, United Nations, 2014-2015.
Non-Panel Reviewer, Public Policy Research Funding Scheme, HKSAR.
Reviewer, ESRC research proposals of Economic and Social Research Council, UK
Secretary General (1999-2004), Vive-president (2004-2006), President (2007-2010) of  The Chinese Research Institute of Construction Management.


2015 BRE Dept Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research Funding
2013 Dean’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research Funding
2013 BRE Dept Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research Funding
2012 Highly Commented Paper in the 2012 Award for Excellence by Emerald Pub: for paper in Facilities, 28(11/12)
2009 & 2008 Multi-departmental Participation Award, (member of the PPRI team), Outstanding Professional Services and Innovation Award 2007 and 2008
2007 HKIA Award for Architectural Research 2007: Quality of Life for Public Housing with Emphasis on Health and Safety Issues (A team involving HKU, CUHK and PolyU)
Full CV
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