Stanley Chi-Wai YEUNG
B.Soc.Sc., M.Sc., PhD, MRTPI, MHKIP, RPP

Associate Professor & Programme Leader for MSc/PgD in International Real Estate

Tel.: (852) 2766 5832
E-mail address :

Stanley specializes in social and political aspects of urban and regional planning. He obtained his Bachelor of Social Sciences from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Master of Science in Urban Planning from the University of Hong Kong and PhD from the London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London. He is a member of the Royal Town Planning Institute as well as the Hong Kong Institute of Planners. Since graduation, he has been working in the areas of teaching, research and consultancy. His current research interests are urban planning and real estate development in China Mainland and Hong Kong.

Main areas
Land Development Studies
Urban and Regional Planning
International Real Estate - China
Research and Scholarly Activities
Socio-political aspect of urban redevelopment
Regional integration and economic growth
Housing market development in China
Urban planning and sustainable development
Planning gain and social impact assessment
A Critical Review of the Applicability of “Planning Gain” in Hong Kong
Application of Social Impact Assessment in Urban redevelopment in Hong Kong
Program Leader of Master of Science in International Real Estate
Consultancy and Professional Service
Hong Kong Institute of Planners, Hong Kong. 
Market Research Study for Professional Planning Services in Mainland China, 2003
Pearl River-Hang Cheong Real Estate Consultants.
Phase 1 Development Study for Priority Strategic Development Areas in Nansha, Guangzhou, PRC, 2003
Hong Kong Housing Authority, Hong Kong.
Study on the ready mixed concrete supply in HK with respect to its effects on flat production of the Housing Authority, 1999.
Hong Kong Consumer Council, Hong Kong.
Study on Competitiveness of Hong Kong Housing Market, 1994 - 1995
Selected Recent Publication List
Feng, C.C. and Yeung, C.W., Development of Real Estate Market in China, in International Real Estate - Institutional Approach, Blackwell Publishing. (fortcoming)
Yeung, C.W. (1998)”"Town Planning Control in Hong Kong” Real Estate Development in Hong Kong", pp31-50, edited by Poon and Chan, PACE Publication Ltd
Yeung, C.W., Wong, K.W. and Hui, C.M. "From intervention to privatization: the changing public housing policy in Hong Kong", International Journal of Construction Management. (accepted for publication)
Seabrooke W, Yeung, C.W., Ma, F.M. and Li, Y, "Implementing sustainable urban development at the operational level (with special reference to Hong Kong and Guangzhou)", Habitat International (accepted for publication)
Hui, C.M., Wong, K.W., & Yeung, C.W. (1999) Home Purchase Policy and Privatization of Public Housing - An analysis of the Problems and Effects, Journal of Harbin University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, ISSN 1006-6780, Vol.32, No.5, October, pp.27-31.
冯长春、杨志威(1999)城市规划与房地产开发《城市开发》总第160期1999年2月号,(全国经济核心期刊),ISSN 1002-3062,建设部住宅与房地产业司主办。
林坚、杨志威(2000)香港的旧城改造及其启示,《城市规划》第7期,总第150期 pp44-49 ISSN 1002-329(中文核心期刊,中国城市规划学会主办)
Doctoral Thesis
Yeung, C.W. (1994) Urban Redevelopment in Late-Colonial Hong Kong - a socio-political analysis, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London

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