Professor Eddie Chi Man HUI, MH
BSc(Hons), MPhil(Cantab), PhD (Cantab), FHKIS, MRICS
Professor, Associate Head (Partnership); Academic Discipline Leader of Construction & Real Estate Economics; Dept. Partnership Committee Chair; WIE Academic Supervisor & Mentorship Scheme Coordinator
Tel.: (852) 2766 5881
E-mail address :
  Prof. Hui is an all-round professional with diverse experience in research and consultancy projects. Before joining PolyU, he was responsible for research and development for a major professional surveying firm in Hong Kong. At Hong Kong University, he obtained his BSc (first class honours) with prizes/awards. At the University of Cambridge, UK, he finished his MPhil in Land Economy (first class) with a Commonwealth Scholarship. With another Commonwealth Scholarship, he completed his Ph.D. at the Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge, UK, where he is a fellow of the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust.

The Chief Executive has awarded Prof. Hui in this year’s (2015) Honours list.  He is presented the Medal of Honour (MH) for his dedicated public service, particularly his contributions to the Town Planning Board and the surveying sector.
Main areas
Housing Studies
Project Appraisal/Economic Analysis
Property Management
Real Estate Investment and Finance
Research and Scholarly Activities
Real Estate and Housing


Analysis of Real Estate Markets
Dynamics of Residential Mobility and Housing Needs of the Elderly
New Effective Indicators of Performance for Real Estate Investors
Public Housing and Subsidised Housing Schemes
Real Estate Investment Decisions
Residential Mobility and Spatial Work-residence Matching
Urban Development in Greater China: Sustainability and Stability
Affordable Housing Policies in China
Government Planning Control and Housing Market
Market Sentiment
Associate Head (Partnership)
Deputy Director, Research Centre for Construction and Real Estate Economics
Discipline Leader, Construction & Real Estate Economics
Program Director, Executive Diploma in Shopping Centre Management
Member, MSc International Real Estate Programme Committee
Member, DStaffingC, DResearchC, DManagementC, DTLC, etc.
Member, Management Board, PolyU MEDC.
Dept. Partnership Committee Chair
WIE Academic Supervisor & Mentorship Scheme Coordinator
Consultancy and Professional Service
Housing for the Elderly in Hong Kong, HKIS
Housing Need and Affordability, RICS
Perceptions/Expectations of Real Estate Industry
Property Management Industry in Hong Kong, HAD
Property Management Quality and the Real Estate Market, HKIS
Property Management Service Delivery, Deloitte and GPA
Property Management Service Survey, MTR
Retail Property Positioning, KCR
Subsidizing Home Ownership, THB
Non-Executive Director, Urban Renewal Authority
Member, Supervisory Board, Hong Kong Housing Society
Member and Committee Chair, Property Management Services Authority
Member, Securities and Futures Commission, Committee on REITs Chairman, Research
Committee: Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors, HKIS
Director, Global Chinese Real Estate Congress
Fellow, Cambridge Commonwealth Trust
Honorable Member, Institute of Shopping Centre Management
Member, Appeal Tribunal Panel (Buildings Ordinance)
Member, Board of Education, HKIS (-2016)
Member, Editorial Board, HKIS (-2016)
Member, Finance Committee Urban Renewal Authority
Member, Long Term Housing Strategy Steering Committee, HK Gov’t (2012-3)
Member, Metro Planning Committee, HK Government (2010-4)
Member, Real Estate Service Training Board (2009-15)
Member, Town Planning Board, HK Government (2010-6)
Member, Expert Panel, HSK NDA Planning Department
Chairman, Property and Facility Management Council, HKIS
Editorial Board Membership, e.g.:
J of Habitat International (Guest Editor)
J of International Real Estate Review
Int’l J of Strategic Property Management (Asian/Australasian Editor)
J of Urban Planning and Development ASCE (Associate Editor)
J of Financial Management of Property and Construction
RICS Foundation Research Paper Series. etc.
Selected Recent Publication List
Book and Research Monograph (Selected)
Hui ECM (ed.) (2013) Real Estate Capital Markets—An International Perspective on Functionality, Subprime Crisis and Future Development, China Architecture & Building Press, 1stedition (Chinese).
Hui ECM and Khan TH (2012) Private Sector Housing Management: Asia Pacific, In: Susan J. Smith, Marja Elsinga, Lorna Fox O’Mahony, Ong Seow Eng, Susan Wachter, Richard Ronald, editors. International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home, 5: 401–406.
Paper (selected)
Dong, Z., Hui, E. C., & Jia, S. (2017). How does housing price affect consumption in China: Wealth effect or substitution effect? Cities, 64, 1-8.
Wang, Y., & Hui, E. C. M. (2017). Are local governments maximizing land revenue? Evidence from China. China Economic Review, 43, 196-215.
Yu, K. H., & Hui, E. C. M. (2017). An empirical analysis of Hong Kong's planning control decisions for residential development. Habitat International, 63, 89-102.
Hui, E. C., Zhong, J., & Yu, K. (2017). Property prices, housing policies for collateral and resale constraints. International Journal of Strategic Property Management, 21(2), 115-128.
Hui, E. C. M., Dong, Z., Jia, S., & Lam, C. H. L. (2017). How does sentiment affect returns of urban housing? Habitat International, 64, 71-84.
Hui, E. C., & Chan, K. K. K. (2016). Is there really any Contagion among Major Equity and Securitized Real Estate Markets? Analysis from a New Perspective. The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 1-20.
Hui, E. C., Ning, N., & Chan, K. K. K. (2016). The critical factors of shopping malls in urban complexes in China. Facilities, 34(11/12), 662-681.
Zhang, H., Li, L., Hui, E. C. M., & Li, V. (2016). Comparisons of the relations between housing prices and the macro-economy in China’s first-, second-and third-tier cities. Habitat International, 57, 24-42.
Chen, T., Hui, E. C. M., Lang, W., & Tao, L. (2016). People, recreational facility and physical activity: New-type urbanization planning for the healthy communities in China. Habitat International, 58, 12-22.
Hui, E. C., Zhong, J., & Yu, K. (2016). Land use, housing preferences and income poverty: In the context of a fast rising market. Land Use Policy, 58, 289-301.
Hui ECM and Boa H (2013) The Logic behind Conflicts in Land Acquisitions in Contemporary China: A Framework based upon Game Theory, Land Use Policy, 30: 3737-380.
Hui ECM and Yu KH (2012) Assisted Homeownership, Investment and their Roles in Private Property Price Dynamics in Hong Kong, Habitat International, 36: 219-225.
Hui ECM, Li SM, Wong FKW, Zheng Y & Yu KH (2012) Ethnicity, Cultural Disparity and Residential Mobility: Empirical Analysis of Hong Kong,  Habitat International, 36: 1-10
Hui ECM and Lo TKK, Chen J & Wang ZY (2012) Housing and Consumer Markets in Urban China, Construction Management and Economics30 (February): 117-131.
Li DZ, Hui ECM, Xu X & Li QM (2012) Methodology for Assessing the Sustainability of Metro Systems Based on Emergy Analysis, Journal of Management in EngineeringASCE, 28 (1): 59-69.
Hui ECM, Zheng X, Hu J (2012) Housing Price, Elderly Dependency and Fertility Behaviour, Habitat International, 36(2): 304-311.
Jayantha WM and Hui ECM (2012) Housing Consumption and Residential Crowding in Hong Kong: A Long-term Analysis, Journal of Facilities Management, 10 (2): 150-172.
Hui ECM, Zhong JW & Yu KH (2012) The Impact of Landscape Views and Storey Levels on Property Prices, Landscape and Urban Planning, 105(1/2): 86-93.
Hui ECM and Zheng X (2012) Exploring the Dynamic Relationship between Housing and Retail Property Markets: An Empirical Study of Hong Kong, Journal ofProperty Research, 29(2):85-102.
Hui ECM and Yu KH (2012) The Impact of Pricing Strategies on Time-on-Market Under Various Economic Conditions, International Journal of Strategic Property Management16(1): 56-70.
Hui ECM and Chen J (2012) Investigating the Change of Causality in Emerging Property Markets during the Financial Tsunami, Physica A, 391: 3951-3962.
Hui ECM, Zhong JW and Yu KH (2012) Mobility and Work-residence Matching for New Immigrants in Hong Kong, Habitat International, 36:444-451.
Hui ECM, Wong JTY and Wong KT (2012) Marketing Time and Pricing Strategies, Journal of Real Estate Research, 34(3): 375-398.
Hui ECM and Ng IMH (2012) Wealth Effect, Credit Price Effect, and the Inter-relationships between Hong Kong’s Property Market and Stock Market, Property Management30(3):255-273.
Hui ECM, Yam SCP and Chen SW (2012) Shiryaev-Zhou index – a noble approach to Benchmarking and Analysis of Real Estate Stocks, International Journal of Strategic Property Management,16(2): 158-172.
Hui ECM, Liang C, Wang ZY, Song BT and GU Q (2012) Real Estate Bubbles in China: a Tale of Two Cities, Construction Management and Economics, 30(11):951-62.
  Hui ECM, Huang JH, Li X and Wang GC (2011) Near-optimal Control for Stochastic Recursive Problems, Systems and Control Letters, 50:161-168.
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  Hui ECM, Ng IMH and Lo KK (2011) Analysis of the Viability of an Urban Renewal Project under a Risk-Based Option Pricing Framework, Journal of Urban Planning and Development ASCE, 137(2): 101-111.
  Li DZ, Zhu J, Hui ECM, Leung BYP & Li QM (2011) An Emergy Analysis-based Methodology for Eco-efficiency Evaluation of Building Manufacturing, Ecological Indicators, 11:1419-1425.
  Hui ECM, Lau HT & Khan TH (2011) Effect of Property Management on Property Price: a Case Study in HK, Facilities, 29(11/12): 459-471.
  Hui ECM and Lau OMF (2011) Viability of Building Rehabilitation with Real Option Approaches: An Empirical Study in Hong Kong, Facilities, 29 (11/12): 485-498.
Doctoral Thesis
HUI, C.M. (1997), Public Housing in Hong Kong: Willingness to Pay for Better Housing, University of Cambridge: Department of Land Economy, Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation.
Recent Research Paper Award
Best Paper Award
RICS Foundation: 2007
Best Paper Award
The 12th AsRES Annual Conference & The 2007 AREUEA, 2007
Excellent Award Winning Paper
The 7th International Conference on Urban Residential Housing, 2008
Highly Commended Award Winner
Emerald 2009 Awards for Excellence
Outstanding Paper Award Winner
Emerald 2011 Awards for Excellence
Highly Commended Award Winner
Emerald 2011 Awards for Excellence
Outstanding Reviewer Award 2012


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