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Research Seminars

Both the internal and external stakeholders will be invited to make presentations in the SCL regularly for disseminating their latest research findings. A few pictures were chosen as a reference below.


To conclude, the SCL provides a good platform for our faculty members and research staff.  It also enables the university community to interact more actively and closely with other stakeholders. These facilities provide the core infrastructure for our advanced visualization research relating to the urban sustainability, urban development and construction. The SCL is located at room ZS701, South Tower, Z Block, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  For more information and questions, please contact Dr. Orianna Guo at orianna.guo@polyu.edu.hk.


BRE Luncheon Seminars 2019

Date Presenter Organization Topic
13 Mar 2019
Prof. Laura Schaefer Rice University, USA

From Microchannels to Micropower: Modeling Sustainable Energy Systems...more

01 Mar 2019 (Fri) Dr. Queena QIAN Delft University of Technology Transaction Costs & Behavioral Insights on Home Energy Renovation from European Perspective...more
11 Feb 2019 (Mon) Professor Helena Titheridge University of Central London, UK  Examining the Potential of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) for Older People...more
24 Jan 2019 (Thu) Dr. Rita Peihua ZHANG Ms. Ruiqu MA (PhD student) A Study of Potential Pitfalls in the Development of Smart Cities and Mitigation Measures...more
17 Jan 2019 (Thu) Ms. Suen Man Schuman LAM (PhD student) BRE Is Empirical Study Necessary for Conducting a High-Impact Research?...more


BRE Luncheon Seminars 2015-2018

Date Presenter Organization Topic
8 Sep 2015

Professor Craig Langston

Bond University Measuring project success: from 'iron triangle' to 'iron pyramid'...more
17 Sep 2015
Dr Ochoa Paniagua University of South Australia Learning from Best Practices in Sustainable Urbanisation...more
21 Sep 2015
Miss Yang Yang BRE The Role of Construction Work Uniform in Combating Body Heat Strain: A case Study in Hong Kong...more
23 Sep 2015
Prof YH Chiang and Dr Michael Yam BRE Secrets of writing research proposals (Sharing Session I)...more
30 SEP 2015 (Wed) Professor Faming Wang Soochow University Functional clothing and equipment to improve human thermal...more
12 OCT 2015 (Mon) Dr Ivy Wong and Dr YT Tan BRE Secrets of writing research proposals (Sharing Session II)...more
15 OCT 2015 (Mon) Professor Leung Ho Hon State University of New York College Chaos & Order: Architecture, Planning, and Sociology...more
22 Oct 2015 (Thu) Miss Bu Shanshan BRE Conjoint-House of Green Retrofit (HOGR) analysis: A quantitative method for the interactive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) research in Green Retrofit Design (GRD)...more
29 Oct 2015 (Thu) Miss Cindy Chen BRE Job-housing Imbalance and Mobility of Social Housing Residents in China: The Case of Guangzhou...more
5 Nov 2015 (Thu) Mr Oladinrin Timothy Olugbenga BRE Implementation of codes of ethics within construction organizations in Hong Kong: towards an improved ethical behaviour...more
12 Nov 2015 (Thu) Dr Pernille University of Technology, Sydney The Role of 4D Technology in Natural Hazard Adaptation and Mitigation Planning for Enhanced Urban Resilience...more
16 Nov 2015 (Mon) Dr GNEG Bin 浙江财经大学 中国企业存量用地再开发路径研究——兼论研究思路与研究工具 (Medium of Instruction: Putonghua)...more
26 Nov 2015 (thu) Professor Jonas Söderlund BI Norwegian Business School Big Projects, Big Problems: Diverging Institutional Requirements in Large Projects...more
11 Dec 2015(Fri) Linda Lin ELC Corpus analysis and word choice in your academic writing...more
19 JAN 2016(tue) Mr Pan Lee BRE A Model of Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) in Hong Kong...more
26 JAN 2016(Tue) Professor Richard Roger University of Montreal Industrialized Building Systems = Much More Sustainability...more
29 Jan 2016(Fri) Richard Kennerley UQ Business School Executive Education The engagement of industry in universities...more
02 Feb 2016(tue) Mr Albert Chow PolyU Briefing on the coming audit by the Quality Assurance Council (QAC) and beyond...more
24 Feb 2016(Wed) Dr Queena QIAN Faculty of Architecture and The Built Environment, TU Delft Transaction Costs application in Building Energy Efficiency / Retrofits...more
01 Mar 2016(Tue) Mr Clyde Zheng BRE Real time decision support platform for prefabrication housing construction in Hong Kong...more
09 Mar 2016(Wed) Mr Scott Wang BRE Market Sentiment in Residential Project Development...more
15 Mar 2016(Tue) Dr Charles Jahren Iowa State University Civil Integrated Management System for Transportation Agencies...more
22 Mar 2016(Tue) Dr Orianna Guo BRE

Key Technology Partnership (KTP) Visiting Fellow at UTS Sharing and New Situation of SCL...more

30 Mar 2016(Wed) Mr Zezhou Wu BRE Determinants of Construction and Demolition Waste Management in Mainland China: A Contractor's Perspective...more
05 APR 2016(Tue) Dr Carol Hon Queensland University of Technology Gearing Up Academics for Collaborative Building Information Modelling (BIM) Education...more
12 APR 2016(Tue) Prof. Lee Pugalis & Dr. Roberta Ryan UTS

Institute for Public Policy and Governance, by Roberta; Global Urban Challenges, by Lee...more

26 May 2016 (Thur) Dr Le Chen BRE Aligning research and teaching with industry needs: a reflection on construction and project management education in Queensland, Australia...more
26 Aug 2016(Fri) Prof. Patrizia Lombardi University of Turin Evaluation and Management of Smart and Sustainable Urban Planning and the Built Environment
21 Sept 2016(Wed) Xin Liang (PhD) BRE An Agent-based Platform for Decision Making on the Green Retrofit of Public Buildings...more
28 Sep 2016 (Wed) Miss Helen ZHENG (PhD student) BRE A Multi-Scale Decision Support Framework for Sustainable Urban Renewal in High-density Cities...more
5 Oct 2016 (Wed) Mr. David MA (joint PhD student) BRE BIM-based project management: approach and mechanism...more
12 Oct 2016 (Wed) Miss Sainan LYU (Joint PhD student) BRE Improving the safety management of ethnic minority construction workers...more
19 Oct 2016
Mr Steven Ma Esri (China) Hong Kong GIS for Smart City - ArcGIS Platform Technology Update...more
26 Oct 2016
Prof. Mirek Skibniewski BRE How to be an effective writer of refereed journal publications?...more
02 Nov 2016
Mr Jack Zhang UAS Universal Aerodrone Service Ltd Reality Visualisation Applications of Indoor VR True 3D Scanning by Trolley...more
11 Nov 2016
Winners of CIB BRE 2016 Best Dissertation Award Presentation Ceremony cum Sharing Sessions on Writing Good PhD Dissertations...more
16 Nov 2016
Mr Zhong Jiawei BRE A Compound Option Pricing Model in Urban Redevelopment Projects...more
22 Nov 2016
Professor Jaselskis North Carolina State University Metrics that Matter: Improving Project Progress and Performance Assessment...more
25 Nov 2016
Dr Atif Ansar University of Oxford Megaprojects and the Mess They Can Make: How to Lead Scale?...more
30 Nov 2016(Tue) Dr Grace Ge Jiangsu University of Technology Study on the formation and measurement of human capital of the new generation of migrant worker...more
07 Dec 2016(Wed) Dr Yi Peng Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics What are learnt in concentrated rural settlement development after the 5.12 Sichuan Earthquake? Implications from both big data and small data...more
14 Dec 2016(Wed) Prof Liu Guwei Chongqing University The construction industry and urban renewal in China: implications for professionals...more
19 Jan 2017
Dr Rebecca Yang RMIT University Building Integrated Photovoltaics -- BIPV...more
10 Feb 2017
15 Feb 2017
Ms Erica E.A. Pärn Birmingham City University Review and componential analysis on emergent digital technology in asset operations and management (O&M)...more
18 Feb 2017
Prof D.J. Edwards Birmingham City University Automation, Fatality and Human Ingenuity: Innovation with Fatal Consequences...more
01 Mar 2017
Mr Peter Koncz GRAPHISOFT Asia Ltd. GRAPHISOFT BIM Solutions...more
09 Mar 2017
Mr Yu Ka Hung BRE Colonial History, Indigenous Villagers’ Rights, and Rural Land Use: An Empirical Study of Planning Control Decisions on Small House Applications...more
22 Mar 2017
Mr IRFAN ZAFAR BRE Evaluation of Cost & Time Overrun Risk Factors for Highways Projects in Terrorism Affected Countries...more
29 Mar 2017(Wed) Miss Gao Ran BRE Safety Climate Research in Chinese International Contractors (CICs)’ Overseas Projects: A Case in Vietnam...more
06 APR 2017(Thu) Mr Rotimi Boluwatife ABIDOYE BRE Towards property valuation accuracy: A comparison of hedonic pricing model and artificial neural network...more
12 APR 2017(Wed) Miss Emily Lin BRE Stakeholder collaboration on social responsibility in construction projects: from the perspective of power and influence...more
10 May 2017(Wed) Prof Mohamed Al-Hussein BRE Modular and offsite construction practice: The move toward manufacturing...more
06 June 2017(Tue) Dr. Hwang Bon-Gang &  Dr. Seokho Chi NUS & SNU Integrated & Sustainable Approach for Productivity Innovations of the Singapore Energy & Chemicals and Process Construction & Maintenance Industry...more
8 Sep 2017 (Fri) Prof. Stuart GREEN University of Reading Reflections on the RAE...more
15 Sep 2017 (Fri) Prof. Stuart GREEN University of Reading Writing effective research proposals...more
22 Sep 2017 (Fri) Dr. Victor Jing LI The Chinese University of Hong Kong Purchase quota and housing price: A distribution dynamics analysis...more
28 Sep 2017 (Thu) Dr. HQ FAN,  Dr. JoonOh SEO, Dr. WADU MESTHRIGE Jayantha,  Prof. Meng NI BRE Experiences in GRF/ECS applications and HK RGC PHD Fellowship applications...more
12 Oct 2017 (Thu) Mr. Robert OSEI-KYEI  (PhD student) BRE A best practice framework for public-private partnership implementation for infrastructure development in Ghana...more
19 Oct 2017 (Thu) Dr. Hee-Du LEE Kyungpook National University Plate-to-circular Hollow Section Joint: Experiment and Analysis...more
23 Oct 2017 (Mon) Prof. Soonwook KWON Sungkyunkwan University Present and Future for IoT and Automation Technology in Construction
27 Oct 2017 (Fri) Prof. Charles EGBU London South Bank University Quality and Robustness in PhD Research...more
2 Nov 2017 (Thu) Prof. Tarek ZAYED BRE Sustainability Assessment and Rehabilitation Framework for Existing Buildings...more
9 Nov 2017 (Thu) Mr. Waleed UMER (PhD student) BRE Fall Prevention in the Construction Industry: from Passive to Proactive Measures...more
13 Nov 2017 (Mon) Dr. Johan NYSTRÖM Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute Empirical analysis of unbalance bidding on Swedish roads...more
17 Nov 2017 (Fri) Prof. Joseph Handibry Mbatu TAH Oxford Brookes University Towards Intelligent BIM-driven Digital Prototyping...more
23 Nov 2017 (Thu) Mr. Maxwell ANTWI-AFARI (PhD student) BRE Wearable Insole Pressure Sensors for Automated Classification of Construction Workers’ Slip-Trip-Loss of Balance Events...more
7 Dec 2017 (Thu) Dr. Nicky Morrison University of Cambridge Standing at a crossroads: The future role of the not-for-profit Housing Association Sector in England
8 Jan 2018 (Mon) Prof. Eddie HUI, Dr. Lawrence POON, 
Dr. Ling-hin LI,
Mr. Kar-kin LING
BRE Public Policy Research Forum on Hong Kong’s Planning Control System...more
15 Jan 2018 (Mon) Prof. Vivian TAM Western Sydney University Sustainability in Construction...more
25 Jan 2018 (Thu) Mr. Amos DARKO BRE Critical Barriers to Green Building Technologies Adoption in Developing Countries: The Case of Ghana...more
1 Feb 2018 (Thu) Mr. Steven MA 
Mr. Billy TSUI
Esri Ltd. GIS and 3D Across the ArcGIS Platform for a Smart City...more
8 Feb 2018 (Thu) Prof. Erwin van der KRABBEN Radboud University An institutional economics approach to industrial land supply in the Netherlands...more

23 Feb 2018 (Fri)


Prof. Igal M. SHOHET Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Optimal Allocation of Resources in Construction Safety: Analytical-Empirical Model...more
26 Feb 2018 (Mon) Dr. Jochen TEIZER RAPIDS Construction Safety and Technology Laboratory Augmented Workforce in Lean Injury-free Environment...more
8 Mar 2018 (Thu) Mr. Qiancheng Sum WANG and Jason DING BRE Bright Building...more
12 April 2018 (Thu) Ms. Genevieve Ataa FORDJOUR BRE Exploring the Need for Occupational Psychological Health Management in the Construction Industry...more
10 May 2018 (Thu) Ms. Yijie ZHAO BRE The Role of Personal Cooling System (PCS) in Combating Body Heat Strain: A Case Study in Hong Kong...more
1 June 2018 (Fri) Dr. Sandy MANDIC University of Otago Built Environment and Active Transport to School: Insights from New Zealand...more
5 June 2018 (Tue) Dr. Davin WANG StreetSine Technology Group Technology Disruption and Behavioral Research - Recent studies in Singapore...more
18 Sept 2018 (Tue) Prof. Stuart GREEN University of Reading How to Establish an Academic Career...more
20 Sep 2018 (Thu) Ms. Xiaosen HUO (PhD student) BRE A Framework for Effective Site Planning and Design of Green Residential Buildings in China...more
21 Sep 2018 (Fri) Prof. Stuart GREEN University of Reading Construction Management and Economics...more
2 Oct 2018 (Fri) Prof. Jürgen SCHEFFRAN University of Hamburg Climate change and rural-urban interactions...more
4 Oct 2018 (Thu) Mr. Dennis Goodenough OPPONG (PhD student) BRE Establishing Quantitative Measures for External Stakeholder Management in Construction Projects of Developing Countries...more
18 Oct 2018 (Thu) Mr. Emmanuel Kingsford OWUSU (PhD student) BRE Barriers Affecting the Effective Application of Anti-corruption Measures in Infrastructure Projects: The Disparities between Developed and Developing Economies...more
25 Oct 2018 (Thu) Mr. Amos DARKO (PhD student) BRE Green Building Technologies Adoption in Ghana: A Model of Green Building Technologies and Issues Influencing Their Adoption...more
29 Oct 2018 (Thu) Dr. Rita Peihua ZHANG RMIT University Health, Safety, Governance and Responsibility in the Construction Industry: An Overview of Research...more
01 Nov 2018 (Thu) Mr. Payam PIRZADEH RMIT University A Social Network Perspective on Design for Construction Safety...more
15 Nov 2018 (Thu) Mr. Maxwell Fodjour ANTWI-AFARI BRE Evaluation of Biomechanical Risk Factors for Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders and Fall Injuries among Construction Workers...more
13 Dec 2018 (Thu) Dr. Carlos Marmolejo DUARTE Polytechnic University of Catalonia Using Choice Experiments to Assess the Relevance of Energy Efficiency on Home Selection: an Analysis for Barcelona...more
18 Dec 2018 (Tue) Dr. Yishuang XU University of Manchester Spatiotemporal Intra-city Dynamics in Megacity Housing Markets: the Case of Beijing...more



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