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1. 2D Hong Kong Digital Map (B5000)

The Hong Kong digital topographic map (B5000) is available to the SCL users and could be shared with our internal staff and students. The entire Hong Kong base map (B5000) is displayed in ArcGIS as shown in Figure 1a. The various types of information will be displayed in different layers, including Point, Polyline, Polygon and Annotation layers. The enlarged picture at Cheung Sha Wan area (one of the most populated districts in Hong Kong) is shown in Figure 1b.

Figure 1a. Hong Kong base map (B5000)


Figure 1b. Enlarged view at Cheung Sha Wan 

2. Hong Kong 3D Data

Hong Kong 3D GIS data (most data are level 1) are readily available from the Hong Kong Lands Department (LandsD), covering information of general footprint, the overall height of the building/infrastructure, some of the facades and roof structure are also included. Take the Tsim Sha Tsui area (one of the busy commercial districts in Hong Kong) as an example which is shown in Figure 2a; and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Main Campus is shown in Figure 2b. Part of the Hong Kong data was purchased from LandsD, due to only a very small part of data (5%) with the facades and roof structure information. The data will be enriched by CityEngine software in the near future. Furthermore, this 3D database also needs to be updated constantly based on Hong Kong’s development.

Figure 2a. 3D data in Tsim Sha Tsui area


Figure 2b. 3D data of HK PolyU

Figure 3. 90 sheets of 3D data with green boundarys covered Hong Kong



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