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Major Research Projects (GRF/PPR/Other External Fund/Internal Grants)
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  Project Title Source of Funding Principal Investigator
  A Strategic Framework to Incorporate Public Participation in the Sustainable Conservation of Built Heritage for a Harmonious Hong Kong   Central Research Grant-Fund for PPR Project Rated 3.5 (CRG)   Prof. CHAN Hon Wan Edwin
  An Application of Quantile Regression to Estimate Hong Kong Housing Prices   Central Research Grant-Fund for GRF Project Rated 3.5 (CRG)   Prof. MAK Wing Kai Stephen
  Investigating and Formulating Policies for Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management Strategies in Six Key Industries: Propelling Hong Kong towards a Knowledge-based Economy   Central Research Grant-Fund for PPR Project Rated 3.5 (CRG)   Dr FONG Sik Wah
  Learning through Failures: An Analysis of Managers' and Leaders' Behaviour in the Construction and Real Estate Industries   Central Research Grant-Fund for GRF Project Rated 3.5 (CRG)   Dr FONG Sik Wah
  Numerical Study on the Interconnector Geometric Effects and Transient Behaviors of Ammoniafueled Solid Oxide Fuel Cells   Central Research Grant-Fund for GRF Project Rated 3.5 (CRG)   Dr NI Meng
  Evaluating the Social, Economical, Cultural and Heritage Impacts of the 'Revitalising Historic Buildings through Partnership Scheme' in Hong Kong... more   Hong Kong Government- RGC Public Policy Research   Prof. CHAN Ping Chuen
  A Study of a Stiffened Extended End-Plate Connection with Nitinol Shape Memory Alloy Bolts Subject to Cyclic Loading   RGC General Research Fund   Dr YAM Chi Ho Michael
  Construction Equipment Failure Prediction: A Data Mining Approach   RGC General Research Fund   Dr FAN Hongqin
  Sustainable Building Maintenance: Balancing Employment, Costs and Carbon Emissions   RGC General Research Fund   Prof. CHIANG Yat Hung
  Descriptive and Predictive Analysis on Labour Costs Fluctuations in Hong Kong's Building Industry   RGC Direct Allocation-Newly Recruited Junior Academic Staff   Dr FAN Hongqin
  Policy Changes to Avoid Boom and Burst of Construction Cycle Thereby Improving Working Opportunity and Working Quality of Construction Work Force   Hong Kong Others-Association of Engineering Professionals in Society Ltd   Dr WONG Chi Ning
  Research of Low-carbon Industry Development in Shanghai Based on Carbon Productivity   Central Research Grant-Departmental General Research Fund   Prof. CHAN Hon Wan Edwin
  FDI and Domestic Capital Stock in China: Contribution of Real Estate Development Sector   RGC Direct Allocation-Internal Competitive Research Grant (DA)   Dr CHOY Hung Tat
  New Effective Indicators of Performance of Real Estate Economy for Investors   Central Research Grant-Internal Competitive Research Grant (CRG)   Prof. HUI Chi Man
  Automated Construction Space Planning through Virtual Prototyping   Central Research Grant-Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme   Prof. LI Heng
  Research on Assessment of Urban Rail Transit Operating Emergency Response Capability   Central Research Grant-Mainland University Joint Supervision Scheme   Prof. CHAN Ping Chuen
  An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Current Dust Control Practices in the Construction Industry in Hong Kong   Pneumoconiosis Compensation Fund Board   Prof. SHEN Qiping
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