Department of Building and Real Estate : Non-local Students' Sharing

FAN Qing
BSc(Hons) in Building Engineering and Management

The reason I decided to come to The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is because of its good reputation, integration of theory and practice, as well as using English as its medium of instruction. Moreover, the Faculty of Construciton & Land Use has outstanding teaching and research achievements in Hong Kong.

Throughout my four years at PolyU, I・ve learnt and enjoyed a lot. The teaching staff members are quite conscientious in their work and very helpful in the subjects. The Department of Building and Real Estate (BRE) also provided many opportunities for us to learn from practice and through other approaches. During the first summer holiday at the university, my classmates and I had Work-Integrated Education (WIE) in a primary school in Hong Kong and for the second summer we had a one-week study tour to Korea. Moreover, I was lucky to have the opportunity to exchange to one superior UK university for one semester in my second year. All of these programmes have contributed greatly to my study in my major and enriched my life as well.

Learning and living at PolyU have been precious experience for me. The staff and my local classmates have been very friendly to me which made me easily adapt to the unfamiliar environment. The extracurricular activities on campus are also abundant, such as all kinds of clubs, complementary studies programmes, and .Preferred Graduate・ Development Programme (PGDP) which provides local, overseas and mainland internship opportunities for all students. I had lots of fun and nice memories by joining these clubs and attending the programmes!

When you really come here, you will know PolyU is a university that is strong in both hardware and software and the BRE department is a great place for learning construction related subjects. By the way, the student accommodation of PolyU is the best all over the Hong Kong and the location for transportation is also the most convenient one among the universities.

Choose PolyU, choose BRE, your brilliant choice!



YU Han
BS (Hons) in Building Engineering and Management

Since I completed my secondary education in mainland China, I thought learning was a serious business without any joy. I had this thought for long time until I came to The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU). Learning in PolyU is really different from that in my home universities. The learning process in here includes teamwork, industrial training and internship which I treasure and enjoy very much.

The opportunities of .learning by doing・ provided by the University drove me to think and practice more than what we get from lectures, which contributes a lot to both my academic and personal development.

Besides the wonderful learning experience, I feel quite satisfied with the resources allocated to students in PolyU. Once you are here, you will love the library with a wide collection of scientific, engineering and business materials of East Asia; take part in a high variety of sport courses; and make good use of laboratories and training centers with advanced equipment and so on.

The cultural mix is the third thing I enjoy. Three languages including Mandarin, Cantonese and English are very popular here. You find such an interesting scene that two students are speaking in Mandarin and Cantonese, respectively, can have a good conversation while they both understand the English lectures very well. Non-local students everywhere on the campus can get along well with a lot of local friends.

Hall life is an unforgettable experience. Good living conditions and reliable services in the student hall really attract me to live for years here. A high variety of activities, such as high table dinners, workshops and sports competitions, are held by halls from time to time. What a wonderful hall life!

Instead of my hometown, study in PolyU is really a challenge and a change to me. However, I believe challenge and change are good for the youth. I love my university and am sure you will love it as well when you study in PolyU.



Christina, KANG Yin
BSc (Hons) in Property Management

Up to now, I spent four years on studying BSc (Hons) in Property Management in the Building and Real Estate Department in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU). I remember the moment when I applied for this particular programme, even though I could not tell what property management exactly was. The mature real estate market in Hong Kong really drew my interest, so I was willing to leave my hometown and parents for a totally strange city for further study.

In my precious and colorful university life, I definitely earned more than lost. I have a bunch of fantastic friends from around the world here. We hang out, learn from one another and share our own stories. The off-campus life could always add value in your life, especially in this great city V Hong Kong which provides people with many opportunities to enjoy life. I have participated in four internship programmes and an international study tour these four years as well as travelled plenty of great countries worldwide, for example, America and Dubai.

Not only a beautiful campus, PolyU does offer us lots of resources and support for our learning. According to our schedule, we are required to have daily exercises including group and individual tasks as well as final examination in each semester. Teamwork is really critical to us to develop our various skills and it's quite funny when team members have different opinions and argue with one another. Eventually, I found I learnt a lot and became more confident as well as assertive.

People always say, .life is short・ but I always say, .the University Life is short・. Don・t waste your time in the university and choose the right university because it will become the most memorable time in your life.