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The Executive Master in Real Estate Finance is the first interdisciplinary Executive Master programme offered by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It is designed to provide senior executives with genuinely innovative professional development experience together with academic knowledge of Real Estate Finance in Asian and global context. They will be provided with the most advanced knowledge to understand urban economic processes, price determination in land and real estate properties, and the interrelation between real property market and investment markets, portfolio analysis and choice, as well as prudent risk management with an understanding of the essential legal framework.

For Who
Executives or professionals (e.g. accountants, bankers, engineers, lawyers, surveyors, etc.) with 10 or more years of experience in the following types of organisations relating to Real Estate and Finance:

  • Banks providing Financing and Evaluation in Real Estate
  • Construction Industry
  • Consultants and Agencies
  • Government and Quasi-Government Bodies
  • Listed Companies with Real Estate Portfolio
  • Private Developers
  • Private Equities
  • Professional Firms
  • Real Estate Investment Funds and Asset Management Companies
Free Session

Programme Commencement
September 2015

18 months

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Entry Requirements
Education: A first degree in any discipline; AND
Industry Experience: A minimum of preferably 10 years at middle to senior level

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