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H & S Document
PolyU Health and Safety Policy
1.1 PolyU health and safety policy – A100
1.2 Health and safety training policy – A700
1.3 Eye protection policy – D100
1.4 Personal protective equipment policy – D200
1.5 Fire safety policy – A103
1.6 Environmental policy – A110
1.7 Policy and procedures for obtaining safety approval for research projects
1.8 Laboratory safety management policy – B400
Policy on Departmental Health and Safety Officer (DHSO) – A102
Policy on Departmental Health and Safety Committee – A101
Health and Safety Guidelines
4.1 New employee safety induction guideline – A710
4.2 Guidelines on the use of display screen equipment –I100
4.3 Safety on machinery – F300
4.4 Safety handbook
4.5 Manual handling management guidelines – A800
4.6 Office workstation
4.7 Risk assessment
4.8 General safe work practices in laboratories
Rules and Procedures
5.1 Emergency procedures and safety regulations in building technology labs
5.2 Fire emergency
5.3 Emergency reporting
5.4 Emergency procedure handbook
5.5 Accident/incident reporting and investigation procedure
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