The Outstanding BRE Alumni Award 2012 - Awardees (Ming Pao News Coverage)

Department of Building and Real Estate of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has great pleasure in presenting its “Outstanding BRE Alumni Award” to two alumni in recognition of their distinguished accomplishments in their professions and significant contributions to the Department, the PolyU and the community. The Award Presentation Ceremony and the Celebration Dinner will be held on 14 November 2012 and 13 December 2012, respectively. The awardees are as follows:

Ir Johnny FAN Siu Kay
Higher Diploma in Structural Engineering (Year of Award : 1972)

Director, WMKY Limited
Council and Court Member of The PolyU

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Ir Peter MOK Kwok Woo
Higher Diploma in Structural Engineering (Year of Award : 1968)

Former Chairman, Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency

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Ir Peter Mok, the recipient of Outstanding BRE Alumni Award 2012, shared his inspiring retirement (hӤ~) on Ming Pao

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