BRE Luncheon Research Seminar 2017-18

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This seminar meets on Thursday from 12:15 - 1:45 PM in Sustainable City Laboratory (ZS701) if there is no other time arrangement informed in advance.


The purpose of the seminar is to help create an air of professional seriousness through scholarly interaction in BRE. The seminar is held not only for enriching staff’s research experience by interacting with peers and exchanging ideas, but also providing vivid opportunities for research staff and students in particular to handle opinions from different angles for more rigorous discussions. It is envision that all participants can learn to get information from research and broaden research horizons in different fields.

The Format

The seminar runs through providing light lunch for the first 10-15 minutes, followed by the speaker’s presentation of around 1 hour and a 15-minutes Q&A session. The contents of presentation can be general research ideas, interesting research outcomes, conference or journal papers recently published or under preparation. There won’t be a fixed format for presentation and is flexible depending on the speaker’s own arrangement. A certificate will also be issued to the speaker for acknowledgement. All in all, we expect a causal seminar with vigorous and helpful discussions.


Please contact Dr. Hung-Lin Chi at or (852) 2766 5871 if you wish to give a presentation or suggest other speakers. We will acknowledge your contributions.



Date Presenter Organization Topic
8 Sep 2017 (Fri) Prof. Stuart GREEN University of Reading Reflections on the RAE...more
15 Sep 2017 (Fri) Prof. Stuart GREEN University of Reading Writing effective research proposals...more
22 Sep 2017 (Fri) Dr. Victor Jing LI
The Chinese University of Hong Kong Purchase quota and housing price: A distribution dynamics analysis...more
28 Sep 2017 (Thu)

Dr. JoonOh SEO, Dr. WADU MESTHRIGE Jayantha,
Prof. Meng NI

BRE Experiences in GRF/ECS applications and HK RGC PHD Fellowship applications...more
12 Oct 2017 (Thu) Mr. Robert OSEI-KYEI
(PhD student)
BRE A best practice framework for public-private partnership implementation for infrastructure development in Ghana...more
19 Oct 2017 (Thu) Dr. Hee-Du LEE Kyungpook National University Plate-to-circular Hollow Section Joint: Experiment and Analysis...more
23 Oct 2017
Prof. Soonwook KWON Sungkyunkwan University Present and Future for IoT and Automation Technology in Construction
27 Oct 2017 (Fri) Prof. Charles EGBU London South Bank University Quality and Robustness in PhD Research...more
2 Nov 2017 (Thu) Prof. Tarek ZAYED BRE Sustainability Assessment and Rehabilitation Framework for Existing Buildings...more
9 Nov 2017 (Thu) Mr. Waleed UMER
(PhD student)
BRE Fall Prevention in the Construction Industry: from Passive to Proactive Measures...more
13 Nov 2017 (Mon) Dr. Johan NYSTRÖM Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute Empirical analysis of unbalance bidding on Swedish roads...more

17 Nov 2017

Prof. Joseph Handibry Mbatu TAH Oxford Brookes University Towards Intelligent BIM-driven Digital Prototyping...more
23 Nov 2017
Mr. Maxwell ANTWI-AFARI (PhD student) BRE Wearable Insole Pressure Sensors for Automated Classification of Construction Workers’ Slip-Trip-Loss of Balance Events...more
7 Dec 2017
Dr. Nicky Morrison University of Cambridge Standing at a crossroads: The future role of the not-for-profit Housing Association Sector in England
8 Jan 2018 (Mon) Prof. Eddie HUI,
Dr. Lawrence POON,
Dr. Ling-hin LI,
Mr. Kar-kin LING
BRE Public Policy Research Forum on Hong Kong’s Planning Control System...more
15 Jan 2018 (Mon) Prof. Vivian TAM Western Sydney University Sustainability in Construction...more
25 Jan 2018 (Thu) Mr. Amos DARKO
BRE Critical Barriers to Green Building Technologies Adoption in Developing Countries: The Case of Ghana...more
1 Feb 2018 (Thu) Mr. Steven MA
Mr. Billy TSUI
Esri Ltd. GIS and 3D Across the ArcGIS Platform for a Smart City...more
8 Feb 2018 (Thu) Prof. Erwin van der KRABBEN Radboud University An institutional economics approach to industrial land supply in the Netherlands...more
23 Feb 2018 (Fri) Prof. Igal M. SHOHET Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Optimal Allocation of Resources in Construction Safety: Analytical-Empirical Model...more
26 Feb 2018 (Mon) Dr. Jochen TEIZER RAPIDS Construction Safety and Technology Laboratory Augmented Workforce in Lean Injury-free Environment...more
8 Mar 2018 (Thu) Mr. Qiancheng Sum WANG and Jason DING BRE Bright Building...more
12 April 2018 (Thu) Ms. Genevieve Ataa FORDJOUR BRE Exploring the Need for Occupational Psychological Health Management in the Construction Industry...more
10 May 2018 (Thu) Ms. Yijie ZHAO BRE The Role of Personal Cooling System (PCS) in Combating Body Heat Strain: A Case Study in Hong Kong...more
1 June 2018 (Fri) Dr. Sandy MANDIC University of Otago Built Environment and Active Transport to School: Insights from New Zealand...more
5 June 2018 (Tue) Dr. Davin WANG StreetSine Technology Group Technology Disruption and Behavioral Research - Recent studies in Singapore...more
29 June 2018 (Fri) Mr. Henry PAU CiSystem Solutions How to Improve Manpower Management and Productivity in Construction Industry through IoT?...more
26 July 2018 (Thu) Prof. Nashwan DAWOOD Teesside University Visualising Urban Energy Use: The Potential Value of Remote Sensing and LiDAR Data in Urban Design and Energy Planning Context of BIM...more
31 July 2018 (Tue) Mr. Sebastien GOETHALS ISOCARP A Holistic Approach of Urban Metabolism for Healthier Cities...more