BRE Luncheon Research Seminar 2016-17

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This workshop meets on Wednesday from 12:15 – 2:00 pm in Sustainable City Laboratory (ZS701)

The Format

We will follow the renowned Chicago workshop system (Overtveldt 2007: 358-9) in this new series of meetings. In lieu of giving general research ideas, presenters are encouraged to discuss a paper they have produced or been working on currently.  It can be a paper being accepted for publication or under review.  It can also be a conference or working paper.  Paper for discussions will normally be distributed to the workshop participants before the meetings.   We also encourage the presenters to acknowledge the workshop and participants if it helps the publication review process. 

Discussions at the workshops will be highly interactive.  There won’t be a fixed format for presentation.  Participants, however, may jump in anytime for questions and comments, as oppose to a Q&A session after the presentation.  Lunch will be provided while presenters are giving their papers.  All in all, we expect a causal workshop with vigorous and helpful discussions.


Please contact Dr. CHI Hung Li at or (852) 2766 5871. if you wish to give a presentation, or sponsor food / snacks. We will acknowledge your contributions.



Date Presenter Organization Topic
21 Sep 2016 (Wed)

Miss Xin LIANG (PhD student)

BRE An Agent-based Platform for Decision Making on the Green Retrofit of Public Buildings...more
28 Sep 2016 (Wed) Miss Helen ZHENG (PhD student) BRE A Multi-Scale Decision Support Framework for Sustainable Urban Renewal in High-density Cities...more
5 Oct 2016 (Wed) Mr. David MA (joint PhD student) BRE BIM-based project management: approach and mechanism...more
12 Oct 2016 (Wed) Miss Sainan LYU (Joint PhD student) BRE Improving the safety management of ethnic minority construction workers...more
19 Oct 2016
Mr Steven Ma Esri (China) Hong Kong GIS for Smart City - ArcGIS Platform Technology Update...more
26 Oct 2016
Prof. Mirek Skibniewski BRE How to be an effective writer of refereed journal publications?...more
02 Nov 2016
Mr Jack Zhang UAS Universal Aerodrone Service Ltd Reality Visualisation Applications of Indoor VR True 3D Scanning by Trolley...more
11 Nov 2016
Winners of CIB BRE 2016 Best Dissertation Award Presentation Ceremony cum Sharing Sessions on Writing Good PhD Dissertations...more
16 Nov 2016
Mr Zhong Jiawei BRE A Compound Option Pricing Model in Urban Redevelopment Projects...more
22 Nov 2016
Professor Jaselskis North Carolina State University Metrics that Matter: Improving Project Progress and Performance Assessment...more
25 Nov 2016
Dr Atif Ansar University of Oxford Megaprojects and the Mess They Can Make: How to Lead Scale?...more
30 Nov 2016(Tue) Dr Grace Ge Jiangsu University of Technology Study on the formation and measurement of human capital of the new generation of migrant worker...more
07 Dec 2016(Wed) Dr Yi Peng Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics What are learnt in concentrated rural settlement development after the 5.12 Sichuan Earthquake? Implications from both big data and small data...more
14 Dec 2016
Prof Liu Guwei Chongqing University The construction industry and urban renewal in China: implications for professionals...more
19 Jan 2017
Dr Rebecca Yang RMIT University Building Integrated Photovoltaics -- BIPV...more
10 Feb 2017
15 Feb 2017
Ms Erica E.A. Pärn Birmingham City University Review and componential analysis on emergent digital technology in asset operations and management (O&M)...more
18 Feb 2017
Prof D.J. Edwards Birmingham City University Automation, Fatality and Human Ingenuity: Innovation with Fatal Consequences...more
01 Mar 2017
Mr Peter Koncz GRAPHISOFT Asia Ltd. GRAPHISOFT BIM Solutions...more
09 Mar 2017
Mr Yu Ka Hung BRE Colonial History, Indigenous Villagers’ Rights, and Rural Land Use: An Empirical Study of Planning Control Decisions on Small House Applications...more
22 Mar 2017
Mr IRFAN ZAFAR BRE Evaluation of Cost & Time Overrun Risk Factors for Highways Projects in Terrorism Affected Countries...more
29 Mar 2017(Wed) Miss Gao Ran BRE Safety Climate Research in Chinese International Contractors (CICs)’ Overseas Projects: A Case in Vietnam...more
06 APR 2017(Thu) Mr Rotimi Boluwatife ABIDOYE BRE Towards property valuation accuracy: A comparison of hedonic pricing model and artificial neural network...more
12 APR 2017(Wed) Miss Emily Lin BRE Stakeholder collaboration on social responsibility in construction projects: from the perspective of power and influence...more
10 May 2017(Wed) Prof Mohamed Al-Hussein BRE Modular and offsite construction practice: The move toward manufacturing...more
06 June 2017(Tue) Dr. Hwang Bon-Gang &
Dr. Seokho Chi
NUS & SNU Integrated & Sustainable Approach for Productivity Innovations of the Singapore Energy & Chemicals and Process Construction & Maintenance Industry...more