Building and Real Estate Workshop 2015 - 2016

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This workshop meets on Thursday from 12:15 – 2:00 pm in Sustainable City Laboratory (ZS701)

The Format

We will follow the renowned Chicago workshop system (Overtveldt 2007: 358-9) in this new series of meetings. In lieu of giving general research ideas, presenters are encouraged to discuss a paper they have produced or been working on currently.  It can be a paper being accepted for publication or under review.  It can also be a conference or working paper.  Paper for discussions will normally be distributed to the workshop participants before the meetings.   We also encourage the presenters to acknowledge the workshop and participants if it helps the publication review process. 

Discussions at the workshops will be highly interactive.  There won’t be a fixed format for presentation.  Participants, however, may jump in anytime for questions and comments, as oppose to a Q&A session after the presentation.  Lunch will be provided while presenters are giving their papers.  All in all, we expect a causal workshop with vigorous and helpful discussions.


Please contact Dr. Edmond Lam at or (852) 2766 5877 if you wish to give a presentation, or sponsor food / snacks. We will acknowledge your contributions.



Date Presenter Organization Topic
8 Sep 2015

Professor Craig Langston

Bond University Measuring project success: from 'iron triangle' to 'iron pyramid'...more
17 Sep 2015
Dr Ochoa Paniagua University of South Australia Learning from Best Practices in Sustainable Urbanisation...more
21 Sep 2015
Miss Yang Yang BRE The Role of Construction Work Uniform in Combating Body Heat Strain: A case Study in Hong Kong...more
23 Sep 2015
Prof YH Chiang and Dr Michael Yam BRE Secrets of writing research proposals (Sharing Session I)...more
30 Sep 2015 (Wed) Professor Faming Wang Soochow University Functional clothing and equipment to improve human thermal...more
12 OCT 2015 (Mon) Dr Ivy Wong and Dr YT Tan BRE Secrets of writing research proposals (Sharing Session II)...more
15 OCT 2015 (Mon) Professor Leung Ho Hon State University of New York College Chaos & Order: Architecture, Planning, and Sociology...more
22 Oct 2015 (Thu) Miss Bu Shanshan BRE Conjoint-House of Green Retrofit (HOGR) analysis: A quantitative method for the interactive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) research in Green Retrofit Design (GRD)...more
29 Oct 2015 (Thu) Miss Cindy Chen BRE Job-housing Imbalance and Mobility of Social Housing Residents in China: The Case of Guangzhou...more
5 Nov 2015 (Thu) Mr Oladinrin Timothy Olugbenga BRE Implementation of codes of ethics within construction organizations in Hong Kong: towards an improved ethical behaviour...more
12 Nov 2015 (Thu) Dr Pernille University of Technology, Sydney The Role of 4D Technology in Natural Hazard Adaptation and Mitigation Planning for Enhanced Urban Resilience...more
16 Nov 2015 (Mon) Dr GNEG Bin 浙江财经大学 中国企业存量用地再开发路径研究——兼论研究思路与研究工具 (Medium of Instruction: Putonghua)...more
26 Nov 2015 (thu) Professor Jonas Söderlund BI Norwegian Business School Big Projects, Big Problems: Diverging Institutional Requirements in Large Projects...more
11 Dec 2015(Fri) Linda Lin ELC Corpus analysis and word choice in your academic writing...more
19 JAN 2016(tue) Mr Pan Lee BRE A Model of Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) in Hong Kong...more
26 JAN 2016(Tue) Professor Richard Roger University of Montreal Industrialized Building Systems = Much More Sustainability...more
29 Jan 2016(Fri) Richard Kennerley UQ Business School Executive Education The engagement of industry in universities...more
02 Feb 2016(tue) Mr Albert Chow PolyU Briefing on the coming audit by the Quality Assurance Council (QAC) and beyond...more
24 Feb 2016(Wed) Dr Queena QIAN Faculty of Architecture and The Built Environment, TU Delft Transaction Costs application in Building Energy Efficiency / Retrofits...more
01 Mar 2016(Tue) Mr Clyde Zheng BRE Real time decision support platform for prefabrication housing construction in Hong Kong...more
09 Mar 2016(Wed) Mr Scott Wang BRE Market Sentiment in Residential Project Development...more
15 Mar 2016(Tue) Dr Charles Jahren Iowa State University Civil Integrated Management System for Transportation Agencies...more
22 Mar 2016(Tue) Dr Orianna Guo BRE

Key Technology Partnership (KTP) Visiting Fellow at UTS Sharing and New Situation of SCL...more

30 Mar 2016(Wed) Mr Zezhou Wu BRE Determinants of Construction and Demolition Waste Management in Mainland China: A Contractor's Perspective...more
05 APR 2016(Tue) Dr Carol Hon Queensland University of Technology Gearing Up Academics for Collaborative Building Information Modelling (BIM) Education...more
12 APR 2016(Tue) Prof. Lee Pugalis & Dr Roberta Ryan UTS Institute for Public Policy and Governance, by Roberta; Global Urban Challenges, by Lee...more
26 May 2016 (Thur) Dr Le Chen BRE Aligning research and teaching with industry needs: a reflection on construction and project management education in Queensland, Australia...more
28 July 2016
Ms Janice Chia PolyU Library Maximizing the benefits of your ORCID ID...more
26 Aug 2016
Professor Patrizia Lombardi Politecnico di Torino Evaluation and Management of Smart and Sustainable Urban Planning and the Built Environment...more