Building and Real Estate Workshop 2013 - 2014

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This workshop meets on Thursday from 12:15 – 2:00 pm in ZS721

The Format

We will follow the renowned Chicago workshop system (Overtveldt 2007: 358-9) in this new series of meetings. In lieu of giving general research ideas, presenters are encouraged to discuss a paper they have produced or been working on currently.  It can be a paper being accepted for publication or under review.  It can also be a conference or working paper.  Paper for discussions will normally be distributed to the workshop participants before the meetings.   We also encourage the presenters to acknowledge the workshop and participants if it helps the publication review process. 

Discussions at the workshops will be highly interactive.  There won’t be a fixed format for presentation.  Participants, however, may jump in anytime for questions and comments, as oppose to a Q&A session after the presentation.  Lunch will be provided while presenters are giving their papers.  All in all, we expect a causal workshop with vigorous and helpful discussions.


Please contact Dr. Edmond Lam at or (852) 2766 5877 if you wish to give a presentation, or sponsor food / snacks. We will acknowledge your contributions.



Date Presenter Organization Title and Paper
19 Sep 2013

Prof. Albert Chan, Dr. Michael Yam and Prof. Edwin H.W. Chan

BRE Making a Successful Research Grant Proposal
26 Sep 2013

Prof. Francis Wong


Housing for the Elderly in Hong Kong

28 Sep 2013 (Sat)

Prof. Ghassan Aousad, Vice President for Academic Affair from Gulf University for Science and Technology, Kuwait


How to succeed in doing a PhD

4 Oct 2013 (Fri)

Dr. Carol Hon, Post-doctoral Fellow


Fatalities of Repair, Maintenance, Minor Alteration, and Addition Works in Hong Kong

9 Oct 2013 (Wed)

Dr. Joseph Chan, Post-doctoral Research Fellow of The University of Hong Kong,


Risk Ranking in Projects Procured by Target Cost Contracting

17 Oct 2013 (Thur)

Part 1: Prof. Mike Anson, Emeritus Professor

Part 2: Mr. Hong Yuming, PhD student


Making a Successful Research Grant Proposa Launching a Structured Comprehensive Literature Review: Lessons Learned from Journal Publications

24 Oct 2013 (Thur)

Ms. Celia Chow, Faculty Librarian, PolyU


Citation Searching & Managing References

25 Oct 2013 (Fri)

Dr Steve Wallace, Wallace Editing HK


Tips from High-Impact Researchers on Writing and Publishing Academic Journal Papers

7 Nov 2013 (Thur)

Mr. Zahoor Khan, PhD student


The most neglected construction safety practices in Rawalpindi/Islamabad

14 Nov 2013 (Thur)

Mr. Lee Pan, PhD student


Energy Performance Contracting

21 Nov 2013 (Thur)

Mr. Samson Chu, AP and Building Surveyor


Revitalization of old industrial buildings

28 Nov 2013 (Thur)

Dr. Xu Yeline, Postdoctoral Fellow


System Dynamics (SD) - based concession pricing model for PPP projects

12 Dec 2013 (Thur) Prof. Yves Boquet, Faculty of Social Sciences, Universite de Bourgogne BRE Transportation and sustainable development in Asian cities
24 Jan 2014 (fri) Mr. Zuhaili MOHAMAD RAMLY, PhD Student BRE Performance Measurement of Value Management - Workshops for Public Projects: A Case of Malaysia
11 Feb 2014 (Thur) Dr. Rita Zhang RMIT University Work Health and Safety in the Construction Industry - Research-to-Practice
21 Feb 2014 (Fri) Dr Jieming Zhu NUS The impact of land rights on the urban form of Vietnamese cities
28 Feb 2014 (Fri) Prof LY Shen BRE Experience mining for sustainable urbanization
4 Mar 2014 (Tue) Dr Rebecca Yang Deakin Unversity Stakeholder-associated risks and their interactions in complex green Building projects: A social network model
14 Mar 2014 (Fri) Dr Queena Qian, Postdoctoral Fellow BRE

Research on Green Building Promotion- Challenges and the Way Forward

21 Mar 2014 (Fri) Mr Hu Yi, PhD Student BRE

Developing a Program Organization Framework for the Success of Construction Megaprojects in China

28 Mar 2014 (Fri) Dr Adrian Bridge, Senior Lecturer Queensland University of Technology

Multinational contracting (from China; Japan; Spain and USA) into public sector major infrastructure in Australia: A bridge too far?

1 Apr 2014 (Tue) Miss Yi Wen,PhD Student BRE

Experimental Research on Health and Safety Measures for Working in Hot Weather

11 Apr 2014 (thu) Dr Derek Drew BRE Tears and Joy of Teaching
16 Apr 2014 (Wed) Dr Meng Ni BRE

Energy generation from landfill gas

24 Apr 2014 (THU) Mr Wayne Lord, Senior Lecturer of Construction Law, School of Civil and Building Engineering Loughborough University The impact of the NEC form of contract on practice and English Law generally?
30 May 2014 (FRI) Prof. WU Yuzhe Zhejiang University 土地财政导向的中国房地产宏观政策——疑惑与出路?
5 Jun 2014 (THU) Dr. LIewellyn Tang University of Nottingham Ningbo Innovative BIM Evolutionary Research Studies (i-BIMers) - Bringing Design Intelligence Into Virtual Construction, Operation and Maintenance
6 Jun 2014 (FRI) Prof. Charles EGBU Salford University Knowledge Management in Complex Project Environments – Perceptions, Challenges and Critique
17 Jun 2014 (TUE)

Prof. Bin CHEN

Beijing University

Ecological Modelling for Urban System