Building and Real Estate Workshop 2011 - 2012

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This workshop meets on Thursday from 12:30 – 2:00 pm in TU318

The Format

We will follow the renowned Chicago workshop system (Overtveldt 2007: 358-9) in this new series of meetings. In lieu of giving general research ideas, presenters are encouraged to discuss a paper they have produced or been working on currently.  It can be a paper being accepted for publication or under review.  It can also be a conference or working paper.  Paper for discussions will normally be distributed to the workshop participants before the meetings.   We also encourage the presenters to acknowledge the workshop and participants if it helps the publication review process. 

Discussions at the workshops will be highly interactive.  There won’t be a fixed format for presentation.  Participants, however, may jump in anytime for questions and comments, as oppose to a Q&A session after the presentation.  Lunch will be provided while presenters are giving their papers.  All in all, we expect a causal workshop with vigorous and helpful discussions.


Please contact Johnny Wong at or (852) 2766 5565 if you wish to give a presentation, or sponsor food / snacks. We will acknowledge your contributions.



Date Presenter Organization Title and Paper
8 Sep 2011

Prof. Albert Chan, Prof. Edwin Chan, Dr. Patrick Lam

BRE Strategies for Preparing a Successful GRF Application
13 Oct 2011

Prof. Martin Skitmore (Guest Speaker)

BRE Organisational Learning Style and Practitioner Comptence
10 Nov 2011


EDC Round 1: Getting Started in Blackboard
24 Nov 2011

Dr. Zhang Xiaoling (Postdoctoral Fellow)

BRE Green property development practice in China: Costs and barriers
1 Dec 2011

Dr. Bambang Soemardiono (Visiting Lecturer)

BRE Identification of Major Problems Contributing to Urban Sustainability Performance, Case Study Surabaya, Indonesia
14 Dec 2011


EDC Round 2: Communication in Blackboard
15 Dec 2011

Mr. Vincent Cheung (Guest Speaker)

BRE Real Estate System and Valuation Practice in Hong Kong and Mainland China
19 Jan 2012

Ms. Carol Hon (Research Student)

BRE Award-winning PhD thesis: Relationships between safety climate and safety performance of repair, maintenance, minor alteration and addition (RMAA) works
16 Feb 2012

Dr. Jacky Chung

BRE An Examination of Revitalising Historic Buildings through Public Private Partnerships (PPP) Approach in HK
21 Feb 2012

Miss Jia YOU (Guest Speaker)

BRE Spatial Distribution of Affordable Housing Projects in Nanjing, China
1 Mar 2012

Prof. LY Shen, Prof. Xiang-dong Li (The Assocate Dean (Research)) and Prof. Geoffrey Shen

BRE 2014 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE)
8 Mar 2012

Prof. Albert Chan

BRE Experimental research on health and safety measures for working in hot weather: optimal recovery time
12 Apr 2012

Dr, Esther Yung (Research Fellow)

BRE Sustainable Development and the Rehabilitation of a Historic Urban District íV Social Sustainability in the Case of Tianzifang in Shanghai
19 Apr 2012

Miss Zhou Lu (Research Associate)

BRE Making sustainable decision for building maintenance
26 Apr 2012

Prof. Geoffrey Shen

BRE Benchmarking Research Publications in Construction and Real Estate
3 May 2012

Dr. Ann Yu

BRE Requirements Management in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry: The Way Forward
28 June 2012

Prof Jonas Soderlund, Professor in the Department of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at BI Norwegian Business School

The nature and dynamics of P-form corporations: strategy and management when projects matter