Building and Real Estate Workshop 2009 - 2010

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This workshop meets every Thursday at 12:30 – 2:00 pm in TU318


The Format

We will follow the renowned Chicago workshop system (Overtveldt 2007: 358-9) in this new series of meetings. In lieu of giving general research ideas, presenters are encouraged to discuss a paper they have produced or been working on currently..  It can be a paper being accepted for publication or under review.  It can also be a conference or working paper.  Paper for discussions will normally be distributed to the workshop participants before the meetings.   We also encourage the presenters to acknowledge the workshop and participants if it helps the publication review process. 

Discussions at the workshops will be highly interactive.  There won’t be a fixed format for presentation.  Participants, however, may jump in anytime for questions and comments, as oppose to a Q&A session after the presentation.  Lunch will be provided while presenters are giving their papers.  All in all, we expect a causal workshop with vigorous and helpful discussions.


Please contact Lennon Choy at or (852) 2766 5823 if you wish to give a presentation, or sponsor food / snacks. We will acknowledge your contributions.


First Semester

Date Presenter Organization Title and Paper Discipline
Sep 17 Geoffrey Shen The Hong Kong Polytechnic University A Comparative Study of Traditional and GDSS-Supported Value Management Workshops Management
Sep 24 Hongqin Fan The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Assessing Residual Value of Heavy Construction Equipment Using Predictive Data Mining Model


Oct 1 No Meeting      
Oct 8 Edward Yiu The University of Hong Kong Negative Real Interest Rate and Housing Bubble Implosion – An Empirical Study in Hong Kong Economics
Oct 15 Lennon Choy (with Stephen Mak and Winky Ho) The Hong Kong Polytechnic University On FDI and Domestic Capital Stock: A Panel Data Study of Chinese Regions Economics
Oct 22 Esmond Mok (with Percy Hung and Alex Wong) The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Evidence-based improvement: Direct and indirect measurement of students' performance to inform quality assurance audit Teaching and Learning
Oct 29 No Meeting      
Nov 5 No Meeting      
Nov 12 John Yeung (with Albert Chan and Daniel Chan) The Hong Kong Polytechnic University A Computerized model for measuring and benchmarking the partnering performance of construction projects Management
Nov 19 Wilson Lu The University of Hong Kong Strategic planning: a science or an art form? Technology
Nov 26 Pim Polesie Chalmers University Valuing freedom and standardization when working at the construction site Management
Dec 3 L Y Shen The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Some key research agendas for sustainable construction Management
Dec 11 Gary Libecap University of California,Santa Barbara The Demarcation of Land and the Role of Coordinating Institutions

Second Semester

Date Presenter Organization Title and Paper Discipline
Jan14 Heng Li(with Neo Chan) The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Simulating construction planning in a bridge project by using virtual prototyping, integrated design and resource allocation Technology
Jan 21 Shu-Ling Lu University of Salford System innovation for sustainable built environments Management
Jan 28 Queena Qian (with Edwin Chan)
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Government's measures needed for promoting Building Energy Efficiency (BEE) in China Law and Policy
Feb 4 Kelvin Wong (with
K W Chau)
The University of Hong Kong Liquidity and information asymmetry in the real estate market Economics
Feb 11 Eddie Hui The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Marketing Time and Pricing Strategies

Feb 25 Mikael Frodell Chalmers University Perceived Constraints when Establishing and Maintaining Contractor-Supplier Relations in a Swedish Contractor Organisation Management
Mar 3
Bo-sin Tang

Jürgen Ossenbruegge
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

University of Hamburg, Germany
Public interest, private rights and sustainable use of urban space

Construction of Creative Spaces and Agglomerations: The Case of Hamburg Municipality, Germany
Mar 11 Edwin Chan (with Franky Wong and Patrick Lam) The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Cost implications of environmental laws during
building scheme design stage: from the property developers' perspective
Law and Policy
Mar 17 (Wed)
Z. George Hong Purdue University The Poverty of Social Rights and Dilemmas of Urban Poverty in China
Mar 18 Martin Skitmore Queensland University of Technology PhD Education: Where Left and Right Brains Meet Teaching and Learning
Mar 25 KF Man (with CM Mak)
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Effect of road traffic noise on housing price - Hong Kong Evidence Economics
Apr 22 Derek Drew The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Some Fundamental Questions to Consider in Preparing to Write up a PhD Thesis

Teaching and Learning
Apr 29 Meng NI The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 2D CFD Modeling of ammonia fueled solid oxide fuel cells with proton conducting electrolyte Technology
June 8 (Tue) Peter Brandon University of Salford Making your marks Teaching and Learning
June 23 (Wed) Paul Buckley K.H.S.&S. Lean Manufacturing/Construction for non-modular work through the integration of design and production Technology